Cashmere Luxury Outfits: Your Style Guide for This Winter

Cashmere Luxury Outfits: Your Style Guide for This Winter

You probably know cashmere for its wonderfully soft texture and classic appearance. It's truly a luxury item–the type of material that makes you feel warm and comfortable while also elevating your wardrobe's cachet considerably. Is it any wonder that it's such an essential during wintertime? If you're slipping into a cozy luxury cashmere sweater this season, you can style it in many ways. Here are some ideas to make your cashmere fashion dreams a reality.

Keep It Simple

The beauty of cashmere is that it's already so sumptuous and beautiful that it stands out on its own without making a bold, flashy statement. It exudes regality and poise, making it the perfect partner for something that is equally dressy or considerably more understated. You can easily pair a simple cashmere V-neck with a pair of straight-leg jeans and step into a pair of booties for an effortlessly pulled-together look. If you're headed to the office, try a pair of flowing wide-leg pants or tailored trousers along with low-profile pumps instead. The ease of this look makes it perfect for everyday dressing, and you don't need to spend hours putting it together, either!

Strive for Balance

If you love a classic crew neck (and who doesn't?), you have options galore. But one of the best ways to wear this smart style is to pair it with something unexpected on the bottom; this will help establish a balanced look and add an element of playfulness to the ensemble. Below-the-knee skirts with A-line silhouettes are an excellent choice because they pick up on the sweater's elegant vibe. A pair of pointy-toe pumps finish this eye-catching outfit nicely. If your sweater is a solid hue, adding a striking statement necklace is an easy way to elevate the look without taking away from your ensemble's sophistication.

Wear Skinny Jeans

You aren't limited to fitted sweaters and standard cardigans. A light and airy cashmere poncho is a lovely choice you can easily wear even during spring and fall, especially when it's just cool enough to warrant a subtle layer. It drapes gently over the body and is perfect to wear over a long-sleeve top. Pull on a pair of skinny jeans and slip into ballet flats or over-the-knee boots to finish this look that's casually pulled together.v

Try Sleeveless Chic

Cashmere turtlenecks are exceptional layering pieces, too. Because the material locks in body heat, you'll feel warm and toasty even on the most brisk days, which is key if you plan to wear a sleeveless dress. This is also a great opportunity to embrace some of the season's best hues; for example, a white cashmere turtleneck will look striking beneath a maroon or navy dress.

Embrace Boyfriend Chic

If you prefer a wholly casual look, you can even absorb your cashmere sweater into a look that's borrowed from his closet. How to make it work? Opt for a slightly looser fitting top in the vein of traditional “boyfriend-chic” styling, then pull on a pair of tailored black pants. The easy way to make this work is to finish it up with chunky-sole sneakers. The juxtaposition between a baggier top and a sleeker bottom exhibits perfect balance, while the relaxed shoe lends it all a hint of approachable, sporty charm.

Work the Layers

You'll never layer with as much enthusiasm as you do when it's brutally cold outside. It's a simple essential wardrobe technique to keeping warm all season, and it's all the better if your sartorial choices happen to be stylish as well. This just so happens to be the case with cashmere. Any type of cashmere topper works, from a supple cardigan to a simple pullover. Wear a long-sleeve button-down top underneath, allowing the hem of the shirt to peek out from beneath the sweater. Think of it as disorderly chic–not quite unrefined, but not buttoned-up dressing either.

Step Into Joggers

Joggers and cashmere? The two may not seem like likely companions, but they happen to play quite well together when styled appropriately. It's key to choose a top that's not going to compete with the slouchy, effortless look of these pants that are renowned for their innate simplicity and hyper-relaxed quality. A fitted sweater is your best bet to balance the easy fit of the joggers, which look great in more luxurious satin fabric. Step into a pair of pumps and you'll feel more polished than you ever thought you could be in joggers.


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