Packing for Carry-On Only for a Summer Dominican Republic Trip

Packing for Carry-On Only for a Summer Dominican Republic Trip

If you’re preparing to visit the Dominican Republic for fun in the sun, save the hassle of checked luggage and pack light. It’s possible to fit a vacay’s worth of outfits in a single carry-on bag, as we’ll explain here. Keep reading to discover how you can enjoy your tropical getaway without the hassle of multiple suitcases or lost luggage. We’ve also included some outfit inspiration to help you look and feel amazing while you’re living your best life:

Use Space-Saving Packing Techniques

Authors and influencers such as Marie Kondo and Flylady have numerous organization hacks for closets, dressers, and suitcases. However, you don’t need professional help to maximize your carry-on bag. Here are some packing tips and techniques that can help you maximize your bag space:

Heavy items should be placed on the bottom as a foundation for lighter ones. This may include shoes, which you should keep simple. One pair of flip-flops or water shoes, sandals, and sneakers is all you should need—unless you’re planning some heavy-duty hiking.

Ensure you follow all TSA rules when packing toiletries, such as shampoos and body washes. Travel-size toiletries can be stashed in zippered pouches inside your carry-on to prevent spillage onto your clothes. These items can be tucked in compartments, separate from apparel and any beach towels you bring.

Now let’s talk about packing your outfits. The first rule when it comes to space-saving travel packing is to roll clothing instead of folding it. Take each piece and roll it as you would a tortilla, then tuck each rolled piece tightly together. With this method, you can create stacked rows of tightly rolled women’s tops, bottoms, dresses and undergarments with room to spare.

While it may sound silly, do a practice packing ahead of time. By packing and unpacking a carry-on bag with what you plan to bring, you can see what fits and doesn’t. Plus, you may find a better way to pack a certain item. Advance vacation planning is always wise, whether it’s your suitcase or making reservations for activities and attractions.

Pare Down Your Vacation Wardrobe

If you only want to bring one bag, you’ll need to pack smart. Luckily, this is easy to do by creating a pared-down version of a summer capsule wardrobe. Think about your Dominican Republic vacation itinerary when choosing outfits. If you can find an outfit that can be worn multiple places, that’s a win.

One example might be women’s Bermuda shorts and a lightweight button-down with walking sandals. This outfit is resort-worthy and breathable enough for hot tropical days. You can wear it sightseeing, but it’s also great for wearing for shopping excursions and casual dining establishments.

Swimwear is a must for the Dominican Republic, of course. Get the most fashion versatility by packing a few tankinis. Tankini tops and bottoms come in many solid colors and prints, which you can combine a myriad of ways to create many swim outfits. When it comes to rash guards, long cover-ups provide the most protection. All you really need is one or two for after swimming.

Cotton dresses are another must-have for a tropical vacation. They’re light and casual, and they come in mid-length and maxi styles to fit every body. There are solid-color and print dresses, which you can coordinate with a lightweight cardigan or jacket for air-conditioned environments or cool evenings on the beach.

Choose Lightweight Fabrics

On the subject of cotton, we must mention it’s one of the most vacation-friendly fabrics. Supima cotton is highly recommended for any occasion, including a trip to the Dominican Republic. The long-staple fiber of this domestically grown species is twice as strong as regular cotton. It’s colorfast, too, so it stands up to plenty of wear, washings and UV rays.

Another top fabric for vacation is linen. There’s a reason this luxe fabric is prized for everything from apparel to bedding. It has a subtle texture and even more breathability than cotton, and it’s easy to dress up for date night or semi-formal occasions. For example, a pair of wide-leg or capri pants can be worn with a linen blouse and heeled shoes for a summer look that’s breezy yet upscale.

Go Easy on Accessories

When packing for your Dominican Republic vacation or any other getaway, the fewer accessories the better. While we all favor accessorizing your look, keeping it simple on vacation is best. Definitely leave your finest pieces at home so they don’t get lost or stolen. Scarves for women in a light, silky fabric are a versatile accessory you can use to tie around your hair or neck—depending on the look you’re going for.

It's definitely possible to take just one bag to the Dominican Republic. When choosing a carry-on, opt for the largest TSA-approved size you can find and max out the space using the tips in this article.


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