Tips for Tankinis and Swimwear Care

Tips for Tankinis and Swimwear Care

If you can't decide between a one or two-piece bathing suit, try one of our tankini swimsuits. They provide plenty of coverage and are a fantastic choice if you need different sizes on top and bottom. Like all swimwear, tankinis require a little special care to stay in good shape. Here are our top swimsuit care tips for keeping your favorite beach looks at their best.

Before You Swim

Keep your tankini swimsuits beautiful and bright by pre-treating them before making your beach debut. Combine a quart of cold water with two tablespoons of vinegar, mix, and submerge your suit. Let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes to seal in the color, and then rinse.

Before getting in the pool, take a quick shower in your tankini. If it soaks up fresh water, it won't absorb as much chlorinated pool water. This prevents damage to the powerful spandex fibers that make it fit so well.

After You Swim

After wearing your swimsuits, rinse them in cold water, even if you didn't get wet. Perspiration, sand, and other common substances break down the material used in our regular and plus-size swimwear, so get rid of them. Afterward, gently squeeze excess moisture from your suit without wringing it.

Try to wash your tankini as soon as you can. Don't put it in the washing machine, though – instead, clean it by hand in the sink with cool water and a gentle, bleach-free detergent or baby shampoo. You can even use a special soap made just for swimsuits if you wish.

Next, lay your tankini on a towel and let it air dry. Keep it away from direct light, which may fade its color, and never throw any of your bathing suits in the dryer. Also, don't place it on a hanger, as it might get stretched out of shape.

Keeping Your Suit in Tip Top Shape

Avoid wearing your favorite tankini swimsuit in a Jacuzzi. The hot water can wear down its fibers and weaken its elasticity, so toss on an old suit when you're enjoying a long soak. If you regularly unwind in a hot tub, consider buying a second suit just for that purpose.

Also, when you're in a tankini, think twice before sitting on a rough surface, like the edge of the pool or a wooden bench. These can easily snag and rip a suit, so put down one of your beach towels first.

Storing Your Tankinis

Before putting your tankini tops away, make sure it's totally dry. Undo all of the straps as well and check for stains before they can set in. Place your swimsuit in a garment bag and find a cool, dry place to keep it safe.

You can even take your suit out every few months to give it some air and prevent mildew. If your tankini has wrinkles when you're ready to use it again, soak it in water and they should disappear.


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