Six Ways to Make Your Capsule Wardrobe Diverse in Style and Color

Six Ways to Make Your Capsule Wardrobe Diverse in Style and Color

Capsule wardrobes focus on 37 articles of clothing for maximum impact. The key to creating a versatile capsule wardrobe is to have pieces that mix and match seamlessly. This means having a variety of styles and colors to choose from. You’ll want a focused variety, so think of one over-arching style with variations and colors. Here’s how to make the most of your capsule wardrobe.

Define Your Style

Before you go hunting for the perfect pieces for your capsule wardrobe, think hard about your style. Are you preppy? Do you love the latest trends? Maybe you’ve got a relaxed vibe and functional comfort comes first. Think about what look you want to achieve. It’s okay to be split between two styles, but any more than that will need some focus. This is because you’re looking to maximize your ability to mix and match with a capsule wardrobe. Be critical when you’re buying new clothing items, and make sure they align with your personal profile. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you can match the item with at least four items in your current capsule. If the answer is no, pass, but if it’s a yes, then it’s the perfect piece for you!

Use a Color Wheel

Start with a color wheel. Color wheels let you choose complementary colors so your capsule wardrobe can have a mix of women’s blouses that go with the other hot items in your closet. Have a selection of basic neutrals — think blacks, grays, whites, tans, and browns. Neutrals go with anything so make these the colors of your basics. Then layer on the color wheel. Choose your favorite color, then select complementary colors or colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. This will give you a variety of colorful clothes that all go together. As a result, you’ll have countless outfits with just a few key pieces.

Choose a Variety of Prints

Styles can quickly be portrayed with a variety of prints and patterns. A striped linen shirt for women has a different feel than bold, artistic prints that don’t repeat. Choose a variety of prints, such as houndstooth, plaid, floral, or graphics, to mix and match into your wardrobe. These different prints evoke different styles that allow you to dress up or down for any occasion. Experiment with a pair of printed women’s jeans for funky flair or get a few cute skirts that complement solid colored blouses.

Select things that suit your inner personality, not necessarily what’s on-trend. Capsule wardrobes are small, so religiously following trends usually leads to an increase in wardrobe size. If you’re a trendy woman, then choose three to five select pieces that speak to the moment. Just remember, keep staples in your capsule to keep it as complementary as possible.

One Piece, One Cut

Instead of collecting multiple items of clothing of the same style (maybe a different color) go for variety instead. Choose a three-quarter sleeve blouse in one cut, and a tank top in another cut. Different cuts give you different styles. Think relaxed fits versus tighter hugs or getting a pair of women’s Bermuda shorts and a few high-risers to mix and match. Again, the point is to build versatility into a capsule wardrobe. This helps you maximize your outfit types. Of course, if you’ve got a pair of jeans you just love, then consider getting them in a few colors (use that color wheel), but avoid buying multiple pieces of the same clothing.

A Few Functional Basics

Functional basics such as socks, underwear, tanks, and jeans are a must-have for any wardrobe. In a capsule wardrobe, these items get quite a bit of use. Invest in quality pieces here, such as must-have women’s tank tops. Be choosy with colors too. Neutrals are the way to go here. These basic colors match with everything, giving your wardrobe more range. Having one or two basics in your favorite color is okay too. Just be sure that any purchases you make align with at least four other pieces in your closet so you can maximize your options.

Think About Your Favorite Activities

Lastly, make sure you’re covered for whatever life throws your way. Don’t work in an office anymore? Ditch the pantsuit. Live an active life? Be sure to have a few key pieces of luxurious women’s loungewear to stay mobile. Select clothing that makes sense for your climate. You may only need one winter coat for emergencies in warm weather climates, or you may need to split your wardrobe for multiple seasons. Multiple-season wardrobes should consider the importance of layering. Wear a basic tank underneath your sweater to add warmth, and shed the sweater for summer.

The key to keeping your wardrobe small is all about versatility. Build a wardrobe with a variety that all fits under a theme to mix and match your favorite pieces for endless combinations.


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