Can You Layer With More Than One Sweater?

Can You Layer With More Than One Sweater?

Sweater weather is upon us yet again (yay!). When you catch yourself gazing at the changing leaves or perhaps queuing up all of your favorite seasonal movies for a fall movie marathon, maybe even a pumpkin spice latte in hand, you’re probably asking yourself: “Can I layer with more than just one sweater?” Well, we’re here to tell you that yes, you absolutely can, and it might just be how to reach peak autumnal coziness. And who among us doesn’t want that?

Of course, sweater weather is all about the comfort factor, but that doesn’t mean we should have to sacrifice style to achieve that comfortable life. There are a few tips and tricks to layering sweaters that’ll allow you to enjoy all of the cozy elements while still looking your best.

If you want to win at sweater weather this season, read on for suggestions on how to layer with multiple sweaters.

Avoid Bulky Combos

The first tip for layering with multiple women’s sweaters is to avoid combining tops that might create a bulky look or feeling. The key here is to make sure you have a more fitted sweater on the bottom layer and a looser sweater on top, which is actually a good tip for layering in general. This is especially true for the sleeves since it’s practically impossible to feel comfortable when you lose a loose sleeve inside of a looser sleeve.

So, start with a top like a fitted women’s fine gauge cotton crewneck sweater. This material will also feel great against your skin, meaning you don’t have to have any layers underneath it (bonus points for avoiding bulky combos!). Layer a slightly roomier sweater on top, like an open-front drape cardigan sweater. With this combo, ensure that the sleeves of your bottom layer (the cotton crewneck) won’t get lost inside of the cardigan’s sleeves, and even feel free to tuck your bottom layer in for a super streamlined silhouette.

Vary the Fabrics

Next, you’ll want to play around with different textures, fabrics, and materials. This will allow for a more dynamic look and help you avoid the risk of overdoing it with a single material. Plus, wrapping yourself in the finest sweater materials will make you feel like the autumnal queen you already are.

For example, try layering a cloudlike cashmere turtleneck sweater under an open-front womens cardigan sweater, like a fine gauge cotton cable tie-front cardigan sweater. This combo is especially great for those extra chilly fall days or the early winter days when you don’t necessarily need or feel like dealing with a coat layer. You can even add an infinity scarf to this look for extra cozy points.

Think About Lengths

Before layering your sweaters, you should think about the lengths of your various layers. In general, it’s easier to layer with something shorter under something a bit longer, which is true of sweaters.

Once you have your bottom layered pinned down, opt for a top layer that’s a bit longer since this will create a more streamlined silhouette and will likely be comfier as well. For longer top sweater layers, opt for something like an open-front women’s cashmere cardigan with a cocoon hem or go a bit longer with a women's tunic sweater. Finally, keep your bottom layer simple with a more fitted layer, like cotton or Supima cotton v-neck or crewneck sweater that you can tuck into the waistline of your bottoms.

Opt for Simple Bottoms

Speaking of bottoms, now that you have a few ideas for layering your tops, you’ll likely be considering what to wear on the bottom. While you can rock sweaters with anything from dress pants to skirts to leggings, one important tip if you have layered sweaters on the top is to keep the bottoms simple. Since rocking layered top looks can already make an outfit feel super dynamic, you’ll want to stick with bottoms that create a balanced look.

Options like classic (and oh-so-trendy) straight leg jeans or polished, black or navy high waisted pants will create a solid base for any layered sweater look you’re trying out. Plus, pants like these will provide the perfect waistline if you decide to tuck in your bottom sweater layer.

With these tips in mind, you can pull off a bunch of different looks with multiple layered sweaters. And beyond pulling them off, we’re confident you’re going to look great since these outfit ideas are universally flattering (well, and you look great in everything you wear!). We hope you enjoy sweater weather season to the fullest this year!

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