Can I Swim With a Breast Prosthesis?

Can I Swim With a Breast Prosthesis?

If you’ve recently had a mastectomy, you may wonder if you can swim with a breast prosthesis. As long as your doctor gives the all-clear, it’s fine to swim with prostheses—especially when you choose mastectomy swimwear that’s made with chlorine-resistant fabric.

Types of Mastectomy Swimsuits

There are multiple swimsuit styles you can wear after your surgery. First, let’s talk about one-piece mastectomy swimsuits, starting with the zippered one-piece.

The Zippered One-Piece Swimsuit

This modest one-piece swimsuit style has a high neck that’s equipped with a zipper, so it’s easy to put on and take off. Simply unzip and step into this bathing suit, which is made from a blend of nylon and spandex. This fabric blend is resistant to chlorine and UV rays, so it stays colorfast and won’t stretch out.

The back of the zippered one-piece swimsuit has an X shape, which lets you move freely and has an athletic look. You can tuck your breast prostheses into the pockets of the soft-cup bra and use the hook behind the zipper closure to prevent any potential wardrobe malfunctions.

Another feature of this swimsuit is sun protection. The fabric has UPF 50, which is similar to the SPF found in sunscreen. You’ll still need to wear sunscreen, as sun-protection fabric only protects covered areas. When it comes to colors, this suit comes in classics like black and white, along with summery pastel tones and ocean-inspired shades of blue.

The Scoop-Neck Tugless Tank One-Piece Swimsuit

Another one-piece to consider is the tugless tank. It has a scoop neck that looks classic and feels comfortable, and it’s equipped with a soft cup bra and prosthesis pockets. This bathing suit is made from nylon and Lycra® Xtra Life™ spandex, which lasts an estimated 10 times longer than regular spandex. That means you can swim, splash, and sunbathe without worrying about your swimsuit fading or losing its shape.

It’s easy to keep your swimsuit in great condition all summer. Whether you opt for a tugless tank or another style of bathing suit, rinse it after each wear. The nylon/spandex fabric dries quickly, so you don’t have to use the dryer. Gently squeeze out the water, then lay your suit on a towel. Roll up the towel and squeeze it—this pushes the excess water out of your swimsuit. Unroll the towel and let your swimsuit dry.

Tummy-Control One-Piece Swimsuits

If you want a swimsuit that imparts a streamlined look and flatters every body type, there are tummy-control mastectomy swimsuits like the Grecian style suit. This particular style is made with control fabric and has a V-style neckline with wide straps. As with the other styles, this one has a soft-cup bra with pockets for your breast prostheses.

There are other mastectomy swimsuit styles made from control fabric, such as the high-neck belted one-piece. It has a modest yet elegant look and offers UPF 50 sun protection for covered areas. No matter which of these one-piece swimsuits you choose, you’ll stay comfortable all summer thanks to the tugless fit.

Mastectomy Tankini Swimsuits

Although one-piece mastectomy swimsuits are always a stylish choice, there are some advantages to two-piece suits. You can mix and match mastectomy tankini tops with different bottoms to create lots of looks. For example, you could wear a blouson tankini top with bikini bottoms, or pair a scoop-neck tankini top with high-waisted bottoms. A tankini with shorts is another option to consider, especially if you want plenty of coverage.

Swim skirts are another style to consider wearing with your tankini top. They come in lengths that reach past the bottom and hips for plenty of coverage. There are also swim leggings that work well for water sports. The great thing about tankinis is that you can wear the tops with so many different types of bottoms, you’ll never run out of fashion possibilities.

Rash Guard Cover-Ups

You can slip a rash guard cover-up shirt over your swimsuit when you’re done swimming. These tops come in long-sleeve, high-neck styles for maximum coverage, and they provide UPF 50 for covered areas. There are also short-sleeve rash guards for women, along with a great selection of cover-up dresses.

If you want a cover up dress that offers a roomy fit and dries quickly, look for a lightweight kaftan cover-up. The blousy shape of this cover-up style is flattering for every body type and has an on-trend boho-inspired look that goes with any sandal style.

Putting Together a Swimsuit Wardrobe

With so many mastectomy swimsuit options from which to choose, you may want several swimsuits in your summer wardrobe. If you’re not sure which style is your favorite, try different ones to find out what looks and feels best on you. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable—with or without prostheses.

There aren’t any fashion rules to adhere to when choosing a swimsuit, so look for styles you love and features that work for you.


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