A Cabincore Inspired Home for a Cozy Winter

A Cabincore Inspired Home for a Cozy Winter

Flannel, mason jars, a roaring fire, and faux-hide rugs will leave you feeling like you’re tucked away in a cabin for a warm and cozy winter. Cabincore is the latest home décor trend that feels like a return to a simple, down-to-earth way of life that’s inspired by nature and the past. The chilly days of winter have arrived, bringing Cabincore styles along with them. Cottagecore step aside—it’s time to embrace some Cabincore elements to feel like we’re roughing it through the winter in style and comfort. Cabincore is basically a design and styling trend that’s influenced by just about anything having to do with cabins. Every shade of flannel, roaring fires, farmhouse tables, overalls, and woolly socks are all a part of what makes Cabincore so fabulous. If you love the great outdoors, hiking, and anything nature-related, then maybe Cabincore is the perfect style for you this winter.

Inspired? Here are all the ways you can make your home cozy and warm this winter with Cabincore décor.

Flannel Pajama Sets & Robes

Cabincore is never complete without sufficient flannel. Lounge around the house on those chilly winter mornings in your flannel pajamas or flannel robe to really feel like you’re living the cabin life. To truly get into the Cabincore vibes, choose plaid flannel that will give you the woodsman look. It’s always nice to have holiday-inspired colors for flannel pajamas, as well, to make the winter and holidays feel even more festive. Though flannel pajamas aren’t necessarily home décor, you'll be like a decorative fixture that matches the Cabincore vibe when wearing them around the house.

Throw Blankets

Nothing spells winter like a living area draped with cozy throw blankets. Throw blankets are a key part of the Cabincore vibe because they exude coziness, warmth, and the magic of winter in the woods. Opt for blankets made from materials like wool, alpaca, and cashmere for that ultra-cozy feel. Choose styles like plaid or Scottish-inspired tartan to really get with the Cabincore look. Fleece blankets are another epic addition to your Cabincore-inspired living space. Fleece has all the ruggedness of winter-living in the cabin and will add that special outdoorsy vibe to your home.

Mason Jars and Ceramic Mugs

Cabincore gets as detailed as the right drinking ware. Out with sleek glasses and in with chunky Mason jars! If you don’t have some Mason jars around the house for drinking tea, storing bulk food items, or sipping water all day then are you even Cabincore? Mason jars are easy to find and are great for many uses around the house that give your home a rugged twist. Coffee cups and mugs can also bring more cabin vibes to your home this winter. Sipping hot cocoa or coffee from your chunky hand-made pottery mug or your trendy metal camping mugs will give your home that extra outdoorsy feel.

Cozy Rugs

Keep your feet warm not just with hand-knit wool socks, but with some soft rugs as well. No cabin is complete without thick and cozy rugs that keep the house warm and welcoming during the cold winter months. Whether you’re styling your home with bathroom rugs, kitchen throw rugs, or living area rugs, rugs will definitely go a long way towards capturing that Cabincore winter vibe. Go all out and get some faux cowhide or faux sheepskin rugs to have around the house for an ultra rustic feel. Woolen and tribal rugs are also great choices for bringing that cabin feel to your home this winter.

Flannel Bedding

The perfect Cabincore winter home is filled with every kind of flannel you can imagine. In addition to your flannel shirts and pajamas, be sure that you have an ample amount of flannel sheets and bedding to get you through the long winter. Not only will flannel bedding give your bedrooms more of a Cabincore aesthetic and décor, but they will also keep you warm and snug sleeping on those cold winter nights. Nothing comes close to flannel sheets when it comes to keeping warm and cabin-like for the winter. Pair your flannel bedding with fleece blankets for the ultimate cabin winter experience.

Wooden Everything

Cabincore style loves everything natural and nature-inspired. This means rough-hewn wood, handmade wooden furniture, piles of logs by the fire, and just about anything else wood. To make your home feel very Cabincore, bring in some rustic wood decorative items and furniture features to change the vibe of your living space. Wood also lends warmth and welcoming feelings to whatever space it’s in. Furniture pieces such as farmhouse wooden tables, rocking chairs, and coffee tables can really bring the Cabincore feel to your home. But wood doesn’t have to be for just furniture. Wooden candle holders, decorative items, clocks, lamps, and anything else can bring more of that outdoorsy feel to your home.

Make your winter feel perfectly Cabincore with these tips. In addition to foraging, bread baking, fire building, wood chopping, appreciating the simplicities of life, and being close to nature, these design inspirations will definitely bring the effortlessly cozy feel of Cabincore into your home this winter.


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