A Guide to Buying Towels for Your Bathroom

A Guide to Buying Towels for Your Bathroom

Buying the right bath towels is surprisingly something of a fine art, which you might not realize right away. You may go through dozens of so-so contenders before you realize that you probably need to put a little more effort into finding towels that are more suitable for their intended purpose.

And that’s not limited strictly to bath towels, either. You might find that it’s pretty tricky to find great hand towels, too. At a bare minimum, any towel that you use in the bathroom should be soft, absorbent, and made with the highest quality materials. Anything less is simply second best, and that’s not just not good enough when you can find products that are as well designed as they are attractive. Whether you’re looking for something plush for your self-care routine or just want to add a few new pieces to your guest bathroom, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Focus on Fabric

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” may be the old adage, but you definitely want to form an opinion about that towel you’re eyeing based on its fabric. The material tells the tale, providing you with plenty of distinction between good quality, great quality, and superior quality. In simplest terms, subpar fabrics tend to lose their integrity over time. You might find that they start to feel a little worn and thin after repeated washes, for example, or that they develop an unpleasantly rough texture.

So set your sights only on those fabrics known for their unmatched durability. Perform a little test with Supima® cotton kids’ towels, for example. If your little ones can’t resist the way that they feel and actually look forward to bath time, then you know you’ve got yourself a winner. It’s also worth it for the sheer luxury of it all. You’ll never regret buying a towel that just plain lasts. Quality towels for the entire family can make all the difference — and not just for your kiddo's typically fussy bath time. Self-care routines also get a little upgrade when you choose higher quality towels that feel as plush as your favorite blanket.

Choose Your Colors

On to the fun part! It’s easy to get caught up in the texture of your towels, but don’t forget about the aesthetic element, either. There are dozens of eye-catching styles available, ranging from simple neutrals to brilliant bright tones to uplifting prints. You can easily convey a certain theme with the right type of towels, whether you want to add something to complement a nautical theme or to introduce a little pop to a neutral layout. There are options galore, and you can have a lot of fun experimenting with new styles to breathe new life into any bathroom in the home, be it the compact powder room or the spacious master bath.

Another option is to invest in a towel set that contains multiple pieces in matching colors. Snap up a six-piece package containing multiple bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths to create an instantly cohesive collection with absolutely no effort on your part. It’s hard to resist that kind of convenience! You can even monogram your towels if you want to put a distinctive, elegant finishing touch on them.

Hand Towel Perfection

Towels reserved strictly for your hands are a little different in that they’re relatively compact — which means you need to be sure that it’s the most absorbent thing around. What good is a towel if it’s so drenched that you can’t really even use it more than once? So keep your eye on those fluffy, luxuriously soft candidates — the same types that you use for your well-deserved spa-at-home sessions.

What exactly makes a hand towel luxurious? Think quality. It should feel smooth and silky to the touch, not rough and unpleasant. It should soak up moisture beautifully, remain just as reliable and durable through countless washes, and add a little something fancy to your bathroom at the same time. There’s definitely no harm in elevating your hand towel game!

The Little Extras

With the right towels in your collection, it’s only fitting that you snap up a few extra accessories to make the most of your bathroom’s design. It’s the little details that bring any space to life, after all, whether it’s the colorful towels stacked on a shelf or the elegant soap dish perched on the countertop.

Other features, like bathroom rugs and tub mats, can be coordinated with your towels of choice to create a thoughtfully curated, well-coordinated look throughout the room. These are your soft accents. They bring balance to elements like hardware, so use them wisely throughout to give the bathroom a warm, cozy quality.

Isn’t it amazing what a difference something as seemingly obscure as a towel can make to the bathroom’s overall aesthetic? It all comes down to quality.


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