A Guide to Buying Sheets for the Summer

A Guide to Buying Sheets for the Summer

Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing to update for the summer — it’s also a good idea to update your bed sheets. If your bed has flannel sheets for fall and winter, pack them away and opt for a sheet set made from a lighter material. There are sheets and other bedding essentials in lots of styles and colors, so it’s easy to find the pieces that match your bedroom decor and keep you comfortable all night. Consider these materials for your next sheet set:

Soft, Sturdy Supima Cotton

One of the softest, most comfortable materials for summer sheets is Supima cotton. What separates this type of cotton from other types is its long-staple fiber. Supima cotton is a colorfast fabric that resists fading even after repeated washings. It’s also strong and won’t rip, snag, or tear easily. Like all cotton, Supima cotton is soft, light, and breathable — which are all qualities you want when buying sheets for the warmer months. This type of cotton is grown in the USA; only an estimated 3% of cotton is of the Supima variety.

Smooth, Long-Lasting Percale

Another type of cotton sheet is percale. The term percale refers to the weave type, which is tight and dense for fabric that’s smooth, soft, and strong. There are numerous types of percale sheets from which to choose, including Supima cotton sheets and no-iron percale. Another option is Italian percale crafted by the world-renowned weavers at Mascioni; it’s OEKO-TEX® certified for quality and can be monogrammed with initials for a personal touch.

Light, Lustrous Sateen

If you love the look and feel of satin but want a material that’s light and breathable, choose a cotton sheet with a sateen weave. There are no-iron sateen sheets that retain a wrinkle-free appearance for up to 30 washes, so you won’t have to break out the iron before making the bed. There are sateen sheets in solid colors and prints to coordinate with the rest of your bedding. These sheet sets make great gifts and like many of the other sheets mentioned, they can be personalized with a monogram.

Classic Brushed Oxford

Oxford fabric isn’t just for men’s dress shirts — it’s also an excellent material for spring and summer sheets. Brushed Oxford sheets start out incredibly soft and they get even softer with every wash. The cotton used to craft these sheets has a long-staple fiber and is brushed for a texture that’s soft and cozy. These sheets come in traditional styles for an understated look; there are also Oxford sheets with a lacy scalloped edge to lend a romantic flair to the room.

Luxe Belgian Flax Linen

There’s a reason five-star hotels often have Belgian flax linen sheets. Like Oxford fabric, Belgian flax linen gets softer every time you launder it. Although it’s a luxurious material, it’s machine washable and can be tumble-dried for easy care. Linen is a moisture-wicking material that’s incredibly breathable; its temperature-regulating properties keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Some linen sheets are garment-washed to make them super-soft from the very first use.

Comforters and Duvet Covers

There are just as many comforter options as there are sheets. Comforters come in many colors and patterns, and they’re crafted from sustainable, easy-care materials including cotton and linen. There are down comforters made with goose feathers, as well as down-alternative comforters that are feather-free. They come in colors from crisp, classic white to rich jewel tones, as well as a variety of prints ranging from subtle to bold. You can match your comforter to your sheets or go for contrasting colors for an eye-catching look. Duvet covers are another type of bedding to consider. They slip over duvet inserts and are easy to put on and take off.

Creating a Layered Look

Update your bedroom simply by changing the bedding and accent items. Layering the bed with complementary fabrics, colors, and prints is one way to create a polished, well-coordinated look. For example, you can start with a pair of printed sheets, then add a solid-color duvet cover in a matching hue. From there, a throw blanket can be folded at the foot of the bed or casually tossed across it for cozy style. You can even add a grouping of decorative pillows; odd-numbered groupings such as three or five tend to be the most visually pleasing based on traditional design principles.

Explore the various types of sheets to find the warm-weather bedding that’s right for your home. If you’re starting from scratch with a new bed, there are mattresses and mattress pads in varying levels of firmness. Other items for the bedroom you may want include seagrass baskets, which go with any decor style or interior color palette. You can use them to store linens or decorative objects; they can also be utilized in the bathroom for holding bath towels.


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