A Guide to Buying Gym Clothes for Kids This School Year

A Guide to Buying Gym Clothes for Kids This School Year

Get your child ready for school this year with the right gym clothes. There’s athletic apparel for all ages and grades, whether your child is in elementary school, high school, or somewhere in between. Gym class requires comfortable clothing that allows for plenty of movement; you’ll also want something your child feels confident wearing. Some schools have rules regarding gym apparel, so check the student handbook before shopping. With a little planning, shopping for gym clothes can be stress-free. Check out these tips and ideas:

Gym Clothes for Girls

There are plenty of options when it comes to buying girls’ gym clothes. Choose from versatile athletic apparel in sizes to fit toddler, little girl, and big girl sizes. A good place to start is by choosing one or more girls’ shirts. Look for pieces that can be layered for optimum versatility.

A short-sleeve T-shirt is a wardrobe staple that works for gym class. To avoid a boxy fit, look for a tee with gentle shaping at the sides. Shorter-than-average sleeves and a ribbed collar are other features you may want in a girls’ T-shirt for gym. For softness and breathability, opt for a tee made from 100% cotton. Prewashed cotton has a super-soft feel, and it’s less likely to shrink in your washing machine.

When it comes to colors, look for tees in basic shades such as black, white, and gray for optimum versatility. You can also choose T-shirts to match school colors. Some tees can be customized with your child’s name and/or their school.

Another option is a knit tee crafted from a high-performance fabric. A blend of polyester and spandex provides a comfortable fit and wicks away moisture to keep your child cool and dry. This type of fabric also provides UPF 50 sun protection, so it’s good for outdoor sports. Other details like an adjustable tie front and itch-free, heat-transfer tag make this shirt style a must-have.

A fleece hoodie or other type of sweatshirt is another essential piece for the school year. Girls can layer one of these pieces over their gym tee for extra warmth. There are pullover and zippered girls’ hoodies, along with sweatshirts without hoods in durable cotton and polyester. Like the T-shirts, sweatshirts come in all kinds of colors to suit your child’s style.

It’s easy to coordinate any of these top styles with a pair of gym pants for girls. Pant styles that work for gym class include jogger sweatpants and leggings for girls. Girls’ yoga pants are another stylish, comfortable option for athletic activities. Choose elastic-waist drawstring pants with a hint of stretch for the most comfortable fit. Reinforced fabric at the knees helps keep gym pants in good shape for longer and prevents holes from forming.

Gym Clothes for Boys

Boys also have plenty of choices when choosing gym clothes. T-shirts are a must-have when it comes to putting together athletic outfits. Cotton tees are a comfortable choice for boys’ gym apparel, and they come in just as many colors and prints as the girls’ shirts do. Look for reinforced shoulders for optimum durability and choose prewashed shirts to reduce shrinkage.

Boys’ polos are another option for gym class, especially if a preppy look is preferred. Like T-shirts, polos can be embroidered with your child’s name and/or school for a custom look. They come in an array of fabric options ranging from cool cotton mesh to moisture-wicking, antimicrobial polyester with sun protection.

A couple of sweatshirts and/or hoodies are also an integral part of a boys’ gym outfit. They come in cotton and polyester fabrics, and some are lined with sherpa fleece for a super-soft feel. Boys can layer a sweatshirt over their T-shirt or polo for extra warmth. These tops come in a variety of colors, including basics like black, white, gray, and navy.

There are a variety of boys’ pant styles that can work for gym class. Classic sweatpants are always a good choice; look for drawstring pants with an elastic waist for the most comfort and versatility. Track pants in a lightweight fabric are another option, and they can be easily coordinated with almost any type of shirt.

There’s also a wide variety of shorts for boys in soft, durable fabrics for when it’s warm outside. Choose cotton/polyester mesh shorts with an antimicrobial finish to keep kids cool and prevent odor-causing bacteria. Another option is shorts crafted from a soft sweatpant material for casual comfort.

Other School Year Essentials

In addition to kids’ gym clothes, there are plenty of other apparel pieces you’ll want to pick up for the school year. Girls’ jeans and leggings with tunics and knit tops are classic pieces. Boys can wear jeans and chinos with their favorite graphic T-shirts or polos. Shop around to find the pieces that work best for your child.


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