Planning a Winter Getaway? Bring These Things With You

Planning a Winter Getaway? Bring These Things With You

Many of us find ourselves feeling down during the winter. It’s too cold, too snowy or rainy, too windy, or too whatever. If you’re feeling this way, you may want to treat yourself to a short winter getaway. Even if you can only getaway for two or three days, the respite from life’s stressors and the change of scene can act as a pick-me-up. Keep in mind that weekends tend to be the busiest times, so if you can go midweek, you’ll have fewer crowds. Of course, what you pack depends on where you’re going. Here are some tips on what to bring if you plan a winter getaway.

To a Ski Resort

If you’re planning a skiing and/or snowboarding getaway, you’ll need to pack clothing that keeps you warm. Despite the cold weather, strenuous activity can make you sweat. Start with an underlayer of long underwear made of material to wick away moisture.

You’ll want to throw a long-sleeve shirt on over that. Try a turtleneck; the extra fabric around the neck will help prevent heat from escaping. Plus, these tops come in so many colors and patterns that if you’re so inclined, you can coordinate your turtleneck with your outerwear. You may even want to bring an extra turtleneck for the evening. With the addition of your ski pants and jacket, hat or headband, and ski gloves, you should be warm enough to enjoy your outdoor activities without overheating or sweating so much you soak your clothes.

Don’t forget to pack clothes to change into after a long day on the slopes. Grab that extra turtleneck and throw a V- or crewneck sweater over it, then slip into your favorite leggings or jeans and a pair of comfortable shoes and head down to the bar for a hot beverage to warm you up. Whether you choose the alcoholic or the virgin version, sipping a drink by a roaring fire with family or close friends is the perfect relaxing ending to an active day.

At a Spa

Winter can be hard on the skin; the cold and wind often leave our hands and faces feeling chapped and raw. Moreover, the hot air from your home heating system is not humid enough, so it can cause your skin, in general, to feel dry. If that’s the case, you may want to grab a few of your friends and head to a luxury spa for some pampering. Be sure to pack a comfortable T-shirt and a pair of yoga pants —it’s not a spa getaway if you don’t attend at least one yoga or guided meditation session.

You’ll also want to pack some comfy tops and leggings for the evenings when you’re not having a massage or sitting on a yoga mat. So, since you’re treating yourself to a luxury getaway, bring along that cashmere sweater you’ve been saving for a special occasion.

In the City

If your idea of a winter getaway is to escape to the city, you’re not alone. Whether you plan on window shopping by day and then dancing away the night or focusing on arts and culture—museums! Theater! Classical music concerts!—you’ll want to take certain items along.

Winter snow boots are a must for wandering up and down streets. While snow may look pretty in the country, in the city, snow rapidly turns to freezing slush, and nothing ruins a vacay quicker than wet, cold feet. For extra protection, add a pair of wool socks.

If you’re heading to a city in warmer areas and can skip the boots, even better. Instead, pack your favorite pair of sneakers or comfortable shoes for the day and a pair of dress shoes for the evening—you’ll need them for dancing or the concert hall. Pair the shoes with a knit jersey or wool dress. How warm you want the dress to be will depend on your planned activity. You don’t want to overheat while dancing or freeze while sitting and listening to a symphony.

For Anywhere

Wherever you go, odds are there will be a pool or a hot tub—or both. So, don’t forget to pack your favorite swimsuit, along with a cover-up and a pair of flip-flops to get you from your room to the water. If you plan on spending any time outdoors, regardless of your destination, you’ll also need sunscreen and sunglasses. It’s also always a good idea to pack an extra cardigan in case it’s cooler than you expected, either indoors or out.

No matter where you’re heading to on your getaway, if you’re driving to or from a colder area prone to snow, you’ll want to ensure you’re safe in the event of a winter emergency, such as an unexpected snowstorm. So, in addition to the first aid kit you should already have, make sure you have the following in your trunk: snacks (bring extra if you plan on eating some of them in between meals while you’re away), a couple of fleece blankets or sleeping bags, a snow brush, a shovel (you can get a collapsible shovel to save space), and dirt or kitty litter for traction. Also, if you’re heading into the mountains, check ahead of time to see if you’ll need snow chains. Also, don’t forget an extra phone charger—and be sure it’s at full power before you depart.

With some careful planning, you’ll be able to bring exactly what you need for your winter getaway, leaving you able to relax and enjoy your time away.

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