5 Little Home Décor Items to Instantly Brighten Up a Room

5 Little Home Décor Items to Instantly Brighten Up a Room

If your living space doesn’t receive the amount of natural light that you wish it would, or if it just feels a little lackluster, you might wonder how to brighten it up without investing in a large-scale home remodeling project. Implementing a few pieces of home décor can make all the difference! It’s amazing what the addition of a few colorful accessories can do to transform the tone and character of the room. Strategic placement, eye-catching choices, and smart designs can all contribute to a more livable space that is both attractive and inviting. Here are some ideas to consider as you focus on reinventing your rooms.

1. Make Use of Accent Pillows

It’s amazing what a few throw pillows can achieve. You wouldn’t necessarily look at the humble piece and think it’s anything more than something soft and squishy for you to cuddle up to on a chilly night. But in reality, accent pillows are designed specifically for occasions just like these—when you want to shake things up a touch without making monumental changes to the space.

You can make this work by adhering to a few principles. First, make judicious use of color. If your chairs and sofas are neutral colors, then this will produce a more eye-catching effect that allows the pillows to truly pop. During the holiday season, don’t be afraid to embrace festive plaids and patterns that showcase everything from trees to snowflakes. This not only brightens up the room but allows you to add a little something extra to the season just in time for Christmas. Finally, abide by the less is more concept. If your room is filled with pillows, it may appear a bit overwhelming to the eye. Placing a few on the couch is an easier and more effective way to call attention to them and create a fun, noticeably new look.

2. Light a Few Candles

Few pieces of home décor have the potential to transform a room better than candles. Think of the impact that lighting has on any space. It warms, illuminates, and intensifies the character of the space. It serves as both an accent and a functional element. It brings focus to a particular area of the room. It sets the tone during the holiday season.

It’s easy to understand why candles work so well when your goal is to brighten up the room. In a contemporary setting, nothing looks better than sleek glass or eye-catching metal. Both materials play well with the streamlined aesthetics that are so typical in modern settings. By contrast, more homey, folksy looking candles with floral accents or holiday themes look wonderful in more traditional atmospheres. Naturally, a little scent never hurt, either! Notes of apple, cinnamon, pair, and chestnuts are ideal during the cooler months, while citrus fruits and flowers reign supreme when it’s warm outside.

3. Place a Rug on the Floor

You might be surprised at the way a well-placed rug breathes new life into your living space. If you have dark wood or tile floors, for example, then the room may feel a bit closed in at times. Introducing lighter and brighter hues to the space is an easy way to open it up so that it feels more welcoming. You can achieve this with a colorful floor mat adorned with snowflakes during wintertime. The circular silhouette grabs attention when situated beneath a table, while the tonal pattern is in keeping with the spirit of the season.

Using an area rug is also an effortless way to transform a room with minimal effort. You can use a rug to create the distinction between a seating area and another part of the room, or as a harmonizing element that unites other colors in the room. Don’t shy away from bright colors, especially if the rest of the room is darker overall. It will stand out nicely and help you achieve your goal of brightening the space.

4. Embrace the Season’s Decor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to make personalized Christmas stockings a key decorative element in your home. Available in dozens of eye-catching colors and patterns, there are stockings for mom, dad, and the kids—all perfect for livening up the room with a festive touch. You can also add a fresh accent to your tree by placing a colorful patchwork or embellished tree skirt around the base.

5. Take Advantage of Plant Life

Plants and greenery don’t just brighten up a room—some even feel more relaxed and at ease with some natural beauty around them! That alone is a great reason to add a few pieces of plant life to your rooms. Whether you’re hanging a Christmas wreath on the wall, putting a centerpiece in the middle of a table, or placing a cute miniature Christmas tree in the corner, you’ll find that there are dozens of easy ways to give your rooms a fresh look. Naturally, you can also continue the theme after the holiday season by placing colorful seasonal arrangements throughout the home.


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