The Bridesman: Tailoring His Style to Complement Your Bridal Party

The Bridesman: Tailoring His Style to Complement Your Bridal Party

Make sure your bridesman fits into the bridal party by choosing an outfit that's complementary to your bridesmaids' dresses. We've put together some tips and inspiration for achieving a beautifully coordinated bridal party on your special day.

Choose an Outfit Style that Fits Your Aesthetic

First, consider your wedding style—or aesthetic—before choosing bridal party outfits. If you're having a casual ceremony and wearing an understated dress, keep your bridesmaids' dresses and bridesmen's outfits simple yet elegant. You could outfit your bridesmen in khaki dress pants and white men's dress shirts for a look that's dressy yet not overly formal. Other colors that can work for wedding dress pants include light gray, charcoal, camel, and even black, depending on your color palette and the season.

If you're having a country wedding or one with a cottagecore aesthetic, look for dress shirts and pants with vintage-inspired details. Plaid and houndstooth prints offer an upscale option for this fashion style, as is corduroy. For outdoor weddings in warm weather, choose bridesman's apparel pieces in lightweight, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, and summery fabric blends.

For a formal wedding, your bridesmen can wear a men's sport coats and dress pants with a tie and dress shoes. Maybe you're planning a destination wedding on the beach. In this case, look for swim trunks and lightweight summer pants, and shirts that are fast-drying and provide UPF 50+ sun protection for covered areas.

Coordinate Bridesman Outfits with Wedding Colors

An important part of any coordinated bridal party is the color palette. Before choosing outfits for bridesmaids or bridesmen, choose your wedding colors. Even if you'll be wearing a traditional white gown, there are other aspects of your special day that you can dress up with color. Usually, wedding colors are comprised of two or three hues. These colors may appear in the flowers, the cake, and of course, the bridal party outfits.

For a well-matched look, choose a single main color for all your bridesmaids' dresses. It's traditional to choose the same style of dress for all your bridesmaids as well, but you can put a modern spin on things with different styles in a monochromatic palette. For your bridesman, you can opt for a suit in a neutral color and match the dress shirt, vest, tie, and any other accessories to the color of the bridesmaids' dresses.

More on Color: Consider a Touch of Contrast

Create a modern bridal party look by contrasting your bridesmaids' and bridesmen's outfits. One example that's also incredibly chic is black and white. If your bridesmaids wear on-trend black dresses, outfit your bridesman in an all-white men's suit—or vice-versa. Or you can put your bridal party in different tones. Another modern option is gray—bridesmaids could wear light gray, and your groomsman could wear charcoal gray. Even if you match your bridesman's suit to your bridesmaids' dresses, you can still add contrast with a tie or pocket square in a color that's opposite to the suit. Even a bold patterned accessory against a solid color shirt or jacket can work when it comes to lending an eye-catching touch to the outfit.

Accessories and Footwear

There are multiple options when it comes to accessorizing your bridesman's outfit. Ties are always a good choice for collared dress shirts, whether he prefers a bow tie or a traditional necktie. There are cuff links and tie pins to lend a dressy touch to a bridesman's suit. Even men's hats and scarves can be integrated into a bridal look, depending on your wedding style.

When it comes to footwear, men's dress shoes are always a stylish option. However, if you're having a beach wedding or something outdoors on a hot day, they may not be the most practical. There are water-resistant walking sandals that can be worn with a casual bridesman's outfit, but if you want something dressier, consider loafers or boat shoes. Although they're both slip-on styles, the classic design more than makes up for the lack of laces.

Additional Bridal Party Tips

A comfortable bridal party is a happy bridal party. When shopping, consider the weather or indoor climate and choose appropriate fabrics. As mentioned earlier, cotton and linen are great for summer. Lightweight fabric blends are another option for warm weather. Likewise, fall and winter bridal party outfits can be made from heavier fabrics, such as a wool-blend suit for your bridesman, as an example.

If you need additional ideas, ask your bridal party for input. Your bridesman just might have the perfect idea when it comes to his outfit. There are plenty of fashion options, so shop around and consider different looks before deciding on the right one. Also, make sure to thank them with small gifts for bridesmaids and bridesmen, accompanied by handwritten cards. With a little planning, you can put together a wedding and bridal party that's beautiful and memorable.


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