Keep Your Cool in These Breezy Pajamas

Keep Your Cool in These Breezy Pajamas for Everyone in the Family

When it’s time to pack up the fleece and flannel pajamas, your family will need sleepwear to see them through the spring and summer seasons. Cute, well-made styles will keep them comfortable throughout the night.

Perfect PJ Fabrics for Warm Weather

When the temperatures rise, you’ll want to make sure you have pajamas that keep you cool. The right fabrics will help make sure the family wakes up refreshed and ready to greet the day. Consider the following for your new spring or summer pajamas:

Airy, Easy Spring and Summer Pajama Styles

Pack up the full-length pants and tops; with spring on the scene, it’s time for sensational PJ styles that are as refreshing as the air after a spring rain. You may want to consider purchasing several styles of PJs for the family. For example, comfortable PJ lounge pants can be perfect for late-night movie watching or evening storytime, but short sets or nighties might be the most wearable options for sleeping in. Trying multiple styles will also help each family member decide what type they like best.

Snappy Colors and Patterns

Jazz your PJ wardrobe up for spring and summer with the season’s hottest colors, patterns, and trending styles. A vibrant color or fun pattern can make all the difference. Little ones will actually want to go to bed when they can pull on their cool PJs, and adults can also enjoy well-deserved respite and relaxation with a new set of comfortable spring sleepwear in the latest styles. From pretty pastels and the season’s softest floral prints to powerful plaids and cute patterns for kids, there’s something for everyone to love.

Practical PJ Features

Shopping for PJs also means taking a look at the more practical features and details. This includes things like fit (check the size charts and read reviews to get accurate sizes), options for adjustability like drawstrings or elastic waists, pockets, side slits on top for ease of movement, easy-to-use buttons and closures, and more. Look for well-made brands that don’t skimp on the details; choosing quality styles means you’ll have your PJs for seasons to come.

Sizing Checks

Be sure to check the sizing before buying spring or summer PJs. Kids may have grown, adults may have gained or lost weight, or people may feel their current size isn’t quite right. Checking sizes before getting pajamas for the new season will keep everyone comfortable.

Coordinating PJs

While you might only go all out with matching pajamas at Christmas, don’t knock the idea of family pajamas in coordinating colors and patterns during the rest of the year. You never know when those moments for fun family snapshots will pop up!

Don’t Forget the Robes and Slippers

Spring may be on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean the temperature is always going to sizzle. Having soft, cozy robes on hand and coordinating slippers will help everyone in the family be relaxed and happy every evening. Whether there’s a chill in the air or someone wants to warm up after a bath, shower, or dip in the pool, great robes and slippers are also essential warm-weather sleepwear items.

Caring for Your Spring and Summer PJs

With the right care, your spring and summer PJs can be fresh and inviting all season. Wash as needed with a gentle detergent and dry according to the care instructions (usually on low). You may not need to wash PJs after every wear, though this can vary based on the individual. Fold and store PJs if re-wearing; younger kids may want to place them on top of a dresser or under their pillow for easy access. Rotate pajama sets so they get equal wear and check them seasonally as needed to replace.

Sensational Spring Sleepwear

Few things are better than a fresh new set of PJs, so why not set yourself up for the season with a new pair? From ladies' and girls' pajamas to sets for men and boys, there are options for the whole family to be able to rest and relax in bright, breezy styles.


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