7 Shoes to Pair With Your Boyfriend Jeans

7 Shoes To Pair With Your Boyfriend Jeans

When it comes to styling your favorite women’s jeans with the right footwear, we have you covered. Boyfriend jeans offer a rugged, relaxed style and paired with the right footwear, you’ll look and feel your best. There are several choices when it comes to putting together an outfit with boyfriend jeans. Here’s a look at a few of our favorite ways to put together an ensemble you’ll love.

Clean, Classic Sneaks

For a classic look, pair your boyfriend jeans with a clean pair of sneakers. Choose from a variety of sneaker styles, including slip-on sneakers, for more of a tomboy look that’s cute and fashion-forward. Opt for solid colors or patterns. Typically, a neutral-colored shoe works best since it will go with virtually everything. Alternatively, you can wear a clean white pair of sneakers. Or choose your favorite color. Avoid wearing gym shoe-style sneakers that will create a disjointed look. Instead, opt for stylish sneaks or rubber-soled shoes that are flatter. For a trendy kick to this combo, you can choose platform sneakers or even high-tops.

Your Favorite Flip Flop

The boyfriend jean is meant to be worn with your favorite slouchy flannel shirts to create a laid-back vibe. Why not take advantage of the warm fall weather and choose your favorite flip flops for this ultimately classic look. Perfect for warm-weather climates, the flip flop is the ultimate chilled-out shoe. Leather flip flops go with virtually any color jeans. Basic colored sandals work well to complement your outfit or sport your amazing personality. Or you can put a bit of glam in your outfit with sandals that have a sparkly thong or strap. This adds a glint of intrigue to your attire and works well to show off your new pedicure.

Fun Flats

Wear your favorite printed flats for an adorable look that’s cozy, cuddly, and approachable. Wear one of your favorite comfy hoodies up top to complement this look. Another option is to dress up on top with an adorable blouse that’s ready for a casual date. Choose patterned or decorative flats or opt for a simple shoe such as a leather loafer flat or solid colored shoe. Either way, you’ll put a hint of sophistication into a look that’s ready for a day out on the town.

Strappy Sandals

For a free-spirited look that lets your soul free, pair your boyfriend jeans with your favorite strappy sandals. The sky is the limit here. Dress it up or down with a variety of fashionable sandals that you love. Accessorize your look with long drop necklaces, bracelet stacks, and a hairdo you love. Light hats and scarves offer a snuggly element to complement the warm-weather look of your favorite fancy sandal.

Wedges You Love

Wedges are always in style. This versatile piece of footwear goes with virtually any outfit, and boyfriend jeans are no exception. Heels give a bit of a lift and create a flattering feel for your gams. We love this look because it blends both the relaxed feel of a boyfriend jean with a feminine touch. Wedges tend to be more comfortable than a traditional heel, since there is more support, making it the ideal choice for people who have trouble wearing heels but still love to have the extra height.

Happy Heels

Combine chic with slouchy by wearing heels with your boyfriend jeans. The mix of feminine and masculine creates a balanced look that’s on-trend right now. Choose from one of many fitted turtlenecks on top. A three-quarter sleeve ribbed black turtleneck commands the room, while a traditional turtleneck gives you the warmth you need. Tuck it in for a trendy statement that’s ready for the runway.

Your Best Boyfriend Boots

Winter weather commands functional footwear. Boots and booties make quick work of covering your ankles with your boyfriend jeans, without looking awkward. In fact, a classic boot is a great idea for fall weather days where you need a little extra insulation. Heeled boots and flat soles both work depending on your style. The slouchy cut of the jeans pairs well with boots that have a more functional feel. Overall, dress for the weather with boots and booties.

Styling your boyfriend jeans with your favorite footwear is a breeze. Virtually any shoe type goes well with your coveted pair of boyfriend jeans. You can mix and match styles to create a variety of looks that are suitable for everything from date night to lounging around the house. Choose different footwear to suit your mood, or go for tried and true classics you simply love.


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