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Boots to Gift Your Man This Holiday Season

Perhaps your man is a complete boot connoisseur. Maybe he knows how to shop for men’s winter coats like a professional. He knows exactly what’s comfortable, what works well for the season, and what to buy. He knows which features are necessary, and which can be sacrificed. He’s got a knack for style, but he also knows how important it is to dress appropriately for the season.

On the other hand, he may need a little assistance in the winter dressing department–and there’s no shame in that. Arming yourself with some boot know-how is the first step to helping him find the perfect pair for winter wear. With the holiday season approaching, it’s also a good time to consider surprising him with something substantial, performance-based, and attractive. Here are a few men’s boot styles that you may want to wrap up for him this year.

Duck Boots

Nothing compares to a pair of solid men’s duck boots. This highly celebrated shoe is among the best and most practical options for winter wear. Not only is it comfortable, but it’s also designed to combat the wrath of cold weather like nothing else. They’ll keep his feet warm and toasty, prevent moisture intrusion that could otherwise leave him a shivering mess, and elevate his style game, too.

There are styles to suit any wardrobe! A pair of insulated Chelsea boots, for example, is practically made to protect his feet from anything that winter might throw his way. Slippery, icy ground? It’s no match for the sturdy rubber outsole that grips the ground like a vise. Brisk chill in the air? No big deal, thanks to the thick and supple leather upper that wraps around the foot like a glove. Freezing temperatures? It’s all in check thanks to the plush fabric lining that keeps feet warm no matter what’s happening outside. Add in 400 grams of Thermolite insulation and suddenly you have a high-performance shoe that will work well in even the most frigid climates. A pair of men's long underwear will keep the rest of him warm and ready for anything the day brings. In other words, you better give these to him before he goes on his annual ski vacation!

Snow Boots

The right pair of winter snow boots will make all the difference when he’s braving winter’s treacherous conditions. Like a valiant hero, snow boots swoop in to save the day in the most practical way possible. Look for details that keep his feet warm, dry, and comfortable when it’s soaking wet outside. Rubber shells are hardy and durable, for example, and soft fabric lining acts like an interior blanket that will nestle his feet in constant, all-day comfort.

Don’t ignore other features that aren’t immediately visible, either. Comfort matters, which is why insulation is key. The more that the boot contains, the better it will shield him from conditions such as freezing temperatures and ice-cold rainfall. Examine the outsole very carefully, too–after all, it’s the only thing that stands between his foot and the ground. Look for a sturdy, solid build, such as heavy-duty rubber that is flexible but not weak. It should feature multiple grips to keep him secure while he’s walking in the snow or making his way across an icy parking lot.

All-Weather Boots

Not everyone lives in snowy, frigid climates. If he’s lucky, he won’t have to deal with historic snowstorms and all the related pitfalls. But odds are at least be some cold temperatures will hit in his region throughout the season. To handle them comfortably, he needs a pair of boots that provide extensive coverage and details that allow him to prepare for the possibility of inclement weather. He doesn’t need to wear the most heavy-duty boot–but he should definitely walk around in something more substantial than, say, his trusty summertime sneakers.

To the rescue come all-weather boots, which are great to wear no matter what the outside conditions. They’re versatile enough for both work and play, and they add a level of practicality to his winter wardrobe, much like a great men’s cashmere sweater adds style and elegance.

All-weather shoes are defined by a strong sole for slip resistance, along with sleek uppers, warm interior lining, and cushioning in the footbed to ensure consistent and reliable comfort.

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