5 Booties That Are Perfect for Autumn

5 Booties That are Perfect for Autumn

Crisp air, pumpkin carving, apple picking, warm cider, and of course, When Harry Met Sally on repeat. Yes, we all know that means that fall is here. It's time to put away your go-to sundresses and tees and start to circulate your fall staples back into your wardrobe. While autumn is, of course, sweater weather, you might be surprised to learn that it's bootie weather, too. A bootie is a shorter version of a standard boot, making it perfect for a sunny day at the pumpkin patch or a date night under the changing leaves. Booties are also fun because there are so many options, and most bootie styles tend to complement your favorite fall looks. There are so many styles of bootie to choose from, but below are five options that are simply perfect for autumn. 

1. Patchwork Booties

Patchwork booties are a funky and trendy take on the standard bootie. Patchwork booties come in a plethora of materials, heights, and colors, so you have a lot of room to play around with this style. This type of bootie tends to have blocks of various colors and, in some cases, even different patterns or materials. To work a patchwork bootie into your fall rotation, opt for a medium heel and neutral colors, such as burnt orange with a retro red. A great way to complete this look is to pair these with simple jeans and one of your favorite plain tunics. A beige or tan jacket will go well with this look if it's a chilly day. 

2. Chelsea Boots

A Chelsea boot is a classic bootie and an absolute wardrobe essential. Usually made from pleather or leather, Chelsea boots are as durable as they are versatile, classy, and functional. With a classic kick like this, anything is possible. For a trendy look, pair your black Chelsea boots with some high rise jeans, a plain white tee, and a bomber jacket in really any color. This adorably autumnal look is perfect for those who don't like dealing with heels since these tend to have a very low heel. 

3. Black Heeled Bootie

Fall foliage is the perfect backdrop for a pair of sleek, black heeled booties. As always, finding a heel height that's comfortable for you is essential. The good news is that there are endless options where black heeled booties are concerned. Opt for a high, narrow heel if that's your thing, or select a pair with a shorter, chunky heel. We love the look of leather, pleather, or velvet for these iconic booties. Black goes with everything, so you can bust out your most creative fall look on top. This style looks just as great with cropped or cuffed jeans as they do with tights, so the wardrobe world is your oyster in a pair of these booties!

4. Peep Toe Bootie

A peep-toe bootie is exactly what it sounds like! This cute and flirty style comes in myriad color and material options and is defined by a stylish opening at the toe. We would definitely consider a peep-toe bootie to be on the fancier side of the fall bootie must-haves. This style of bootie is perfect for showing off that pedicure that otherwise wouldn't see the light of day until spring. Since the peep-toe means these aren't quite as warm as other booties (and you can't exactly wear socks with them, unless you're feeling extra bold), you might not want to wear these on a chilly day. That said, these are perfect to step into on one of those warmer, magical autumn days if you have brunch plans or a lunch date. Pair these with your favorite black jeans and one of your cutest flannel tunics. If you need another layer, a classic denim jacket would complete this look.

5. Rain Booties

While autumn always serves up some much-needed golden sunshine, blue skies, and changing leaves, it can also drop little hints of winter weather or rain. Since fall is such a transitional time weather-wise, always be prepared with a pair of waterproof ankle booties. Many styles of rain-ready booties will evoke that Chelsea boot vibe, but in water-resistant material. With rubber uppers and soles, you can keep your feet just as dry as you would in galoshes but with a more versatile approach. If the rain clears, these will look just like any other bootie and only serve to complement your outfit. Reach for a black pair to go with a more basic look, or choose a cheetah-print pair if you want to change it up. 

These perfect fall booties will make you a little less sad to put away your strappy summer sandals. No matter what's on your autumn agenda, the right pair of booties can complete any look!

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