Bold Activewear for Beginners

Bold Activewear for Beginners

Many adults have a moment when they recognize it’s time to focus on their health and start moving. Maybe it’s when setting New Year’s resolutions or realizing that bikini season is fast approaching. Perhaps it’s learning an old flame is moving back to town.

No matter the catalyst for a new workout routine, you'll need to consider a number of elements before getting started: What gym is closest to my home or office? Does it have childcare? What workout class might I actually enjoy? Is there a sport I want to try? Do I even like running?

Regardless of what activity you chose to pursue in your quest for health, the first thing you’ll need is activewear that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and ready to work hard. Experts say that you will work out harder and longer if you feel great in what you’re wearing. Below, we’ve got some great activewear ideas for beginners.

Cute Workout Leggings That Actually

From beginners to professional athletes, most people will agree that you’ll need to start with women’s workout leggings that are both comfortable and flattering. You'll want your leggings to be appropriate for whatever sport or gym equipment you’re going to try. Running, walking, the elliptical, the stationary bike, pilates—you’ll see people rocking leggings in all these activities. You can even wear workout leggings under your snow pants when you’re skiing or sledding and then show them off when you get off the slopes.

The perfect pair of leggings will make you feel confident, supported in all the right places, and ready to try almost anything at least once.

Yoga Pants That Will Inspire You to Try a Downward Dog

Women’s yoga pants have become a staple piece in all of our wardrobes, but why not shake things up and actually do some yoga in your yoga pants? Make sure to tell the teacher it’s your first class so they can get started right. While initially, yoga might be intimidating, once you get the hang of it, it’s great for your body and mind.

Moreover, looking cute in class is half the fun of yoga. Yoga pants and tops come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. Find what feels and looks best on you, then start your yoga practice. Namaste.

A Vibrant Shirt for a Day on the Golf Course

Golf is a great activity to try if you want to slowly break into a new workout regime. It’s good for your joints, gets you walking and swinging your arms, and even will help you reach your vitamin D requirement for the day. Even better? You can look super cute while playing, thanks to all the colorful golf attire that’s available for any level of golfer. Just throw on your women’s polo shirt, a cute pair of women's shorts, some comfy socks, and appropriate shoes.

Never played? Not a problem. Beginner's classes are offered at public and private courses all over the country—and you can usually rent a set of clubs. Golf is a great way to get outside, get moving, chat with friends, and experience a whole new world on the course.

A Cute Tank That You Love

Face it, you’re going to wear a tank top for most activities you decide to try. Tank tops are easy and versatile. One will work for almost any new activity that you’re thinking about exploring this year. Make sure you try on your new top, then try out how it feels and looks with your new leggings or yoga pants.

Favorite women's tank tops are often sweat-wicking, have a snug fit (unless, of course, you prefer something a little looser) that doesn’t get in the way of your movement, and are made of a soft fabric to minimize chafing or rubbing. (Note: The same goes for women's T-shirts, running jackets, and hoodies.)

A Versatile Hoodie

Any workout lover will tell you that having a few comfy hoodies on hand to wear before or after your workout is key. People wear gym hoodies for different reasons. Some individuals wear them for fashion, while others believe wearing a hoodie makes them efficient because it keeps muscles warm before you start working out.

Either way, hoodies are a fun and fashionable piece of clothing you can wear when you are working out or having a lazy weekend. You can even pair them with jeans and sneakers for a trip to the grocery store or a family dinner. Hoodies are accepted everywhere.

No matter what new activity you decide to explore this year, having comfortable, cute workout attire will get you off to a great start. Here's hoping you find an activity that will keep you happy and healthy for years to come.


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