5 Subtle Accents to Give Your Bedroom a Boho Feel

5 Subtle Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Boho Feel

When it comes to bohemian-inspired bedrooms, there’s no shortage of inspiration. While you might think your bedroom needs an extreme makeover to get the coveted bohemian-inspired look, you might be surprised. With a few subtle accents here and there, you can give your bedroom a transformation to channel the boho feel you see on all your social media posts.

Bohemian styles don’t follow the rules. Instead, they have more carefree patterns of colors, textures, and ornaments that make them utterly unique. To embody the true spirit of bohemian décor, a bedroom needs to look personal and relaxed. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to styling their bedroom; what matters most is that you love how it looks and makes you feel. So, if you’re ready to transform your bedroom into a bohemian oasis, start looking for these subtle accents.

Change The Duvet Covers

The main element in every bohemian-style bedroom is, without hesitation, the bed. But instead of spending time searching for a new bed frame to update your room’s décor, try changing the duvet covers to get a similar effect.

The easiest and chicest way to get that “undone” bedding look that boho-styling is so well-known for is by getting a luxurious down comforter with a boho duvet cover. Think patterns, tassels, ruffles, and textures when shopping for a boho comforter. You want it to feel eclectic and unique to you, as well as inviting and luxurious!

Add Some Flair With Bohemian Throw Pillows

To continue with the bedding accents, consider adding some flair with throw pillows with bohemian themes. Whether you’re drawn to bold colors or tend to go for a more muted look, we’ve no doubt you’ll find boho-inspired designs you like. Look for textured throw pillows with corner tassels if you are going for a minimalistic boho look. And opt for patterned throw pillows or dare to include some in unexpected fabric choices like velvet for a more outgoing boho feel.

Extra pillows also help you introduce an accent color to your bed. To pick an accent color, look at the pieces already in your bedroom. Analyze the color of your artwork, rugs, and drapes. What’s a common tone they all share? That’s your accent color.

Keep It Tidy With Seagrass Baskets

When it comes to bohemian style, nothing captures this style better than seagrass baskets. It is their rattan-like texture that’s so characteristic of this décor style. Whether you use them as garbage baskets, storage, or a cute laundry basket, they can be simple boho accents you can spread throughout the room.

We love to keep seagrass trays on our nightstands to add a bit of texture and help us keep them organized and tidy. If you have a cube organizer in your bedroom, consider swapping the classic fabric storage baskets for seagrass baskets instead for an instant bohemian transformation.

Add Boho Decorative Accents

Although boho style isn’t heavy on decorative accents, choosing the right ones can help you get that feel without spending too much on furniture or other accents. Some boho decorative accents can be floral-themed artwork, hanging macramé wall art, and handwoven wall décor plates. But there’s much more you can add to your bedroom to get that boho look and feel.

When space is limited, we love placing boho garlands behind the bed to double as the headrest. Changing your curtains for boho-inspired, macramé curtains will instantly transform the space too. Then, think about decorative figurines, vases, and memorabilia you’ve saved from previous trips that you can highlight in your bedroom décor. All of these more minor elements will infuse your bedroom with personality and help it feel more yours and less generic.

Create a Bohemian Oasis With Plants

Perhaps there’s no other staple of the bohemian décor than plants. Any bohemian bedroom you see online is flooded with plants – on the floor, over furniture, on the window sill, on the shelves, even hanging from the ceiling! Place your greenery everywhere.

If your bedroom doesn’t get much light, don’t feel discouraged. You can still get low-light plants, like a peace lily or snake plant, to get the same boho feel. The more plants you can add to your bedroom, the better. And, don’t worry, if you’re not too good with plants, getting faux plants is okay too, no one will notice the difference.

In all honesty, there’s no right or wrong way to achieve the perfect bohemian aesthetic. A boho bedroom should feel like a relaxing oasis with a laid-back side. As long as you have these subtle accents, your bedroom will channel the boho aesthetic you’re looking for. If you need even more inspiration, stop by Lands’ End home section for more ideas and accents to incorporate in your newly redesigned bohemian bedroom.

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