Black Jeans Are a Closet Necessity

Black Jeans Are a Closet Necessity

There are so many types of jeans in style today that it can be a bit overwhelming trying to choose a pair that feels good on you and is likely to be in style a year from now. After all, we know that bell-bottoms and wide-legged jeans tend to come and go in the fashion world. And distressed jeans with holes in them might be edgy and fun for certain occasions, but you can’t rely on them every day. If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that will be in style for years to come and that you can wear almost anywhere, it’s women’s black jeans. Still not convinced? Here’s why you’ll want a flattering pair of black jeans in your closet when you can’t figure out what to wear.

They Match Every Shirt

Black matches everything. That means you can pull on a pair of black jeans and be 100% positive that you’ll find a shirt in your closet that matches. You can’t get that confidence with blue jeans, though. For example, it’s difficult pairing a denim button-down shirt with blue jeans since the colors of the denim can clash. That isn’t the case with black jeans. The contrast of a light-blue or even dark-blue denim shirt looks excellent against a pair of black jeans. Of course, white tops look great with black as well, whether it’s a women’s white blouse or a simple white T-shirt. The color black has a way of making everything look dressier and a little more put together.

You Can Dress Black Jeans Up or Down

Black jeans are easy to dress up or down. However, depending on the type of jeans, you might have a more difficult time dressing them down than up. For example, a dark black wash that’s consistent throughout the jeans can look almost like dress pants until you get up close. Those types of jeans are best for dressing up since, as we mentioned, they can even make a simple T-shirt look dressy. But black jeans that are a little distressed or faded will be easier to dress down. The accessories and shoes you wear with them will also make a big difference. A pair of black jeans can fit into a casual look with a pair of sneakers and a hoodie, but then it can transform into a glamorous look with some heels and a nice blouse or turtleneck at nighttime.

You Can Even Wear Black Jeans to Work

Black jeans are so versatile that you can even wear them to work. Like we mentioned earlier, the type of black jeans will make a big difference. Stick to the solid, non-faded, dark-black jeans. A straight leg also helps make the look more professional. People won’t even notice that you’re wearing jeans if you elevate the look with a blazer and some flats or heels. There is something special about this look in contrast with typical black dress pants. It’s more approachable, more modern, and shows that you’re down to earth but still focused on taking care of business.

You Can Wear Any Shoe With Them

Like with any jeans, the type of shoes you wear with them will influence the look you’re trying to achieve. And the cut of the jeans matter as well. For example, in the summertime, you may want to wear cropped black jeans with sandals or sneakers. In the wintertime, you can take that same pair of cropped black jeans and add a pair of leather booties that cover your ankles and part of your calves. Shoes make a big difference in how your outfit looks, and black jeans are more than willing to comply.

Black Jeans Come in a Variety of Styles

Treating yourself to a pair of black jeans is a smart choice, but it’s important to prepare yourself for the different styles available. For example, there are straight-leg black jeans that give more of a formal, professional appearance. But that same style is also available in different lengths: regular and ankle length. Ankle-length is great for wearing with sneakers in warmer weather, but it also works over a pair of booties, as we mentioned earlier. There are also jeggings, wide-legged jeans, high-rise jeans, plus-size, and compression jeans.

So, as you can see, there are many options available to ensure you find a pair of black jeans that you love. You can even get black jeans with an elastic waist for ultimate comfort. And Lands’ End’s True Fit® Tool makes it easier than ever to find a pair that fits just right.

As long as you shop brands that know women’s jeans and how to give you the best fit, you’ll be glad that you invested in a reliable pair of black jeans. Your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner.

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