Big & Tall T-Shirts For Every Occasion

Big & Tall T-Shirts For Every Occasion

T-shirts are staples in most closets today. They can be worn almost anywhere, especially if you know what to wear with them. As a big and tall man, you want to use your outfits to your advantage. That includes knowing when and how to wear your t-shirts. Here are some suggestions for finding good big and tall t-shirts as well as big and tall t-shirt outfits for every occasion.

Finding a T-shirt That Fits

Finding a well-fitting t-shirt may feel tough for many big and tall men. Something that makes it a bit easier is choosing to shop in the big and tall clothing section. While you still may need a little tailoring to get your perfect fit, you will get a lot closer to your size. Make sure when you choose your t-shirt that the seams on the tops of those big, broad shoulders reach all the way to the end. The seams should end where your shoulders end. As for the sleeves, they should lightly hold your arm. They shouldn't be loose enough to put a hand in, but they should also allow your arm its full range of motion.

For guys, neutral colors are usually best since they go with everything and are easy for most to wear. This means black, gray, and navy for your dark neutrals and white and cream for your light neutrals. Try them on and find out which neutrals make you feel and look your best. Remember, though, lighter colors draw the eye. This means you may want to go with darker colors if your torso is not where you want the eyes to linger.

White and Cream T-shirts

Yes, these are light-colored, but they are perfect for layering! A light color — white or cream, depending on what looks best on you — actually works well for big and tall guys when layered. Whatever darker outer layer you are wearing covers most of the t-shirt, leaving only a vertical white strip down your center. The thinness of this strip pulls attention away from your sides and the length of the column draws the eye in an up and down motion, drawing attention to your height. All good things for big and tall men!

Now for some outfits! First, try putting your white t-shirt with a long-sleeved big and tall flannel shirt . Roll up the sleeves, throw on some jeans and boots, and you have a great fall look. If you prefer more of a rebel attitude, switch your flannel for a black leather jacket or a dark bomber jacket. Add some aviator sunglasses, and this t-shirt ensemble is good to go! Another cool look for those who like denim is a white t-shirt under a blue denim jacket and black jeans. If you want to dress up your white t-shirt a little, go for dark-wash jeans with a navy or gray blazer and white sneakers. If you want to go even more formal, keep the shoes and switch out the dark wash and the navy for black. This last outfit you can wear to all but the most formal occasions.

Black and Navy T-shirts

It's hard to go wrong with a classic black! Black is a slimming color; the darkness causes the eye to slip over it, which allows you to draw attention to other parts of you that you may prefer to focus on. Black also layers well. A slightly more formal look is a black t-shirt underneath a black blazer with jeans and black shoes. While a V-neck t-shirt can be worn under a blazer, most guys look best in a crew neck t-shirt. This is because the high neck of the t-shirt is a similar design to the buttoned collar look that is typically worn under blazers. If you prefer V-neck tees, these look great on their own over dark or light wash big and tall jeans. Make sure the "V" sits high on your neck to keep you looking decent and stylish.

If you feel black is not a good color on you, you might try navy blue for your darker neutral. A navy blue t-shirt with jeans in a light wash makes for a great combination. If you were thinking more along the lines of summerwear, these shirts also look nice with cream or white big and tall shorts. Put on a pair of sunglasses, a Panama hat, and some boat shoes, and you are ready for your yacht!

Long-Sleeved T-shirts

Big and tall long-sleeved t-shirts are great. They look great, and you can wear them when you aren't quite sure what the weather is going to do. Perfect for spring and fall when the weather is shifting in between cold and hot, a long-sleeve t-shirt gives you some coverage for the chill without being thick enough to overheat you. Go with shorts and roll the sleeves if you think it might lean a little warmer, or opt for jeans if you think the evening may cool off. As always, it's hard to go wrong with neutral colors.

Now that you know how a big and tall shirt should fit and have some colors and outfit ideas, don't be afraid to rock your t-shirt to whatever event you have coming up!


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