Big & Tall Men’s Clothes You Need for Summer

Big & Tall Men’s Clothes You Need for Summer

Many brands now produce designs for all body types. We’ve got the scoop on summer clothes for big and tall men, specifically. Read on to learn the must-have styles for this summer.

White or Graphic T-shirt

First off, let’s start with your top. When thinking of colors fit for the summer, white often comes to mind. That’s because white is a popular shade to wear when it’s hot outdoors. A classic white T-shirt is an effortless way to dress casually for the summer. You can also dress up white tees with slacks and loafers. Look for white cotton T-shirts since this material is known for feeling great in warm weather. If you’re not into white, other neutral tones, such as tan and khaki, work well in the summer. The men’s T-shirts, especially short-sleeved tees, generally work to keep you cool, no matter what. So, it’s up to you which tees you wear—go bold or low-key! All in all, make sure you look for certain features to keep you cool, such as moisture-wicking fabric or mesh panels.

Linen Shirt

Looking for something comfortable for the summer that you can wear to the office and beyond? Linen shirts check both the casual and dressy boxes. You can dress them up for a nice date with slacks or dress down with jeans for barbecuing with the fam. Plus, these versatile apparel pieces come in various designs, like men’s plaid shirts or stripe tops.

Polo Shirt

Men’s polo shirts are another casual option that you can style up for “dressier” destinations. If you want to go for the preppy look, style your polos with khaki pants or slacks. However, with big and tall jeans, you can keep things casual. Short-sleeved polos can keep you cool when featuring certain attributes, such as moisture-wicking or quick-drying fabric, mesh, or a vented hem. Certain patterns and prints can bring these apparel pieces to life, such as stripes, color-blocking, paisleys, polka dots, and florals.


Joggers are a wardrobe workhorse that you can integrate into plenty of casual ensembles for a stylish alternative to jeans, track pants, and khakis. You can wear these bottoms to work, while working out, or if you’re just relaxing at home. Joggers pair stylishly with tanks, T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and track jackets. Men’s joggers have superior versatility, plus they’re soft and comfortable pieces. The right joggers can be worn all year, including summertime.

Khaki Pants

Men’s khaki pants provide a great alternative to other black slacks or navy pants during the summertime because they’re lightweight. Khaki pants with moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric can really prep you for warmer weather. Smooth khaki pants are stretchy and move with you, making for effortless movement throughout the day. Pair your khakis with a T-shirt, polo, or linen shirt.

Chino Shorts

Our final bottoms on the list, chino shorts, offer a cooler option than khaki pants. Plus, they provide that same polished finish as khaki pants. You can easily pair these shorts with button-down shirts and/or casual options, like T-shirts or hoodies. If your workplace has casual Fridays during the summertime, chino shorts can keep you looking ready for work plus after-work shenanigans.

Must-Have Summer-Ready Shoes

Many men’s shoes work well in the summertime. However, certain footwear is optimal for warmer weather. Sandals are the epitome of summer style, and there are plenty of types to match the occasion and destination, such as flip-flops or slingback sandals (otherwise known as “dad” sandals). Quality sandals can keep you comfortable at the beach, family barbecue, or as you run errands.

White sneakers are also a summertime must-have for men. They lend a pop of style to any outfit and match almost every shade out there. You can pair white leather sneakers with casual outfits, suits, and everything in between. The right sneakers will keep your soles comfortable all day long if you’re on vacation and have plenty of sightseeing to do. Finally, boat shoes are another great option for summer. Boat shoes are slip-on shoes that are usually made of canvas or leather. They work well in a business casual setting and on vacation.

Summertime comes with plenty of accessories to match your outfits, such as designer sunglasses with a high level of protection against sun rays. As for hats and other accessories for your head, you have plenty of choices, such as baseball caps, straw hats, fedoras, bucket hats, visors, and moisture-wicking headbands. Other accessories can lend a stylish touch to your outfits, such as a beaded bracelet, dog tags, statement-making belt, or chain necklace. Figure out your style and find fresh summer apparel to add to your wardrobe.


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