Big and Tall Jeans vs. Khakis: Which Are Best?

Big and Tall Jeans vs. Khakis: Which Are Best?

Stay comfortable and stylish with men’s pants for every occasion and body type. There are big and tall jeans and khakis that can be dressed up or down as needed. They pair well with everything from men’s polo shirts to button-down Oxfords and casual men’s tees. Keep reading for the advantages of jeans and khakis, along with fashion tips and outfit ideas.

Advantages of Big and Tall Jeans

Jeans are the most versatile type of pant and a must-have for any man’s wardrobe. They come in various fits, including traditional fit. Jeans with a traditional fit sit at the waist for a comfortable feel and classic look. They fall straight from hip to knee, then taper slightly for a gently relaxed look. This style of big and tall jeans goes well with men’s polo shirts, especially if you want a semi-casual look that can be worn almost anywhere.

Big and tall men’s jeans with elastic sidebands in the waist provide for optimum comfort. These bands stretch up to two inches, so the jeans are never too tight. Look for garment-washed denim made from ringspun combed cotton if you like jeans that are sturdy yet soft. Garment washing helps break in the denim but doesn’t compromise the strength of the fibers. Another benefit is that the jeans are less likely to shrink when you wash them.

Big and tall jeans come in a variety of washes to go with any style or color of men’s shirts. Black and dark blue washes are classic options for men’s jeans that can be worn with any other color. Medium washes are also incredibly versatile because they go with light and dark shirts. For example, you could wear a medium-wash pair of jeans with a white button-down and charcoal blazer for a dressy style, or pair it with any color T-shirt for a laid-back look. Light wash denim has a casual look that’s great for weekend wear.

Advantages of Big and Tall Khakis

Big and tall khakis are another pant type that every man needs. Like jeans, khakis are also incredibly versatile if not more so. They can be worn with casual men’s shirts, such as T-shirts and men’s polo shirts. Khakis are a business-casual pant style that is perfect for the office, especially when you pair them with a button-down shirt in white or blue.

Khakis are an easy-care pant that can be laundered in your washing machine. Some have a stain-resistant finish, so spills are no problem. You’ll even find wrinkle-resistant khaki pants that don’t need to be ironed. These cotton-twill pants maintain their smoothness for a whopping 50 washes. Although these pants are soft, they have a structured look that works for the office or dinner after work.

Some big and tall khakis have a comfort waist with elastic sidebands for all-day comfort. With two inches of stretch, these elastic waist pants men love to wear have an almost tailored fit. Consider choosing khakis that are roomier in the hip and thigh area, with a straight leg for classic style. Front and back pockets contribute to the traditional look of these pants and let you carry small items.

The neutral color of khakis coordinates with any other color. You can wear them with white, black, and even gray. Even a darker shade of brown can be worn with khaki pants. When it comes to brighter colors, khaki goes with everything from pastel hues to darker colors such as forest green and navy blue. You can wear big and tall khakis with basically every shirt in your closet, regardless of the color or style.

Stay Cool with Shorts

Another fashion option to mention when talking about jeans and khakis are shorts. Lands’ End has an array of big and tall shorts from which to choose, including soft cotton styles in khaki and black. If you’re looking for a pair of go-to shorts, choose no-iron chinos in a neutral color. As with the no-iron khaki pants, these chino shorts maintain their smooth look and feel through plenty of washes. You can wear them with men’s dress shirts and T-shirts, whether you go for a crisp Oxford shirt or a tee crafted from super-soft Supima cotton.

Choosing the Right Footwear

Plenty of options are available when it comes to choosing footwear to go with jeans and khakis. To navigate any terrain, there are rugged men’s hiking boots. For a comfortable fit and semi-casual look that looks good for any occasion, consider a pair of lightweight loafers. There are also moccasins and boat shoes that can take you through spring and summer in style. Water sandals are another option to consider, especially for vacation. For a look that’s slightly dressy but still comfortable for all-day wear, choose a pair of leather slip-ons. Jeans and khakis also go well with athletic shoes, especially if you’re going for a sporty look.

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