Big & Fabulous Beachwear for Her

Big & Fabulous Beachwear for Her

What can be better than spending a summer day at the beach? Making that beach day big and fabulous, of course! Wondering how to make your beach day big and fabulous? Here are five classic beach elements you can play with to make your day by the sea a total splash!

Big and Gorgeous Swimsuits

So many cute swimsuits, so little time. If you have a two-piece preference, a bra-style top may make the most sense for playing around in the waves. A bikini top paired with high-waisted bottoms makes a lovely pinup look you can rock at any beach bonfire. Another option is a plus-sized tankini top if you want a little more tummy coverage. For these swim tops, take advantage of the visual draw of patterns like stripes or vertical florals to lengthen this part of you. If you want a bit more of a flair on the bottom, consider a plus-size swimsuit with a skirt. These are adorable and a great way to pull the eye past your hips to your legs. If you prefer one-pieces, check out tummy control swimwear. These bathing suits are made to give you an elegant silhouette while still leaving you free to swim and splash around at the beach.

Big and Floppy Beach Hats

Having fun in the sun is an important part of summer, but not that the expense of your skin. Big, floppy hats are a great way to shade your face from UV damage while looking fabulous! A large tan hat with a black band is an excellent look, especially when paired with a slimming black swimsuit. A black bow on the band could be a cute addition, or you can change out the tan color for black or white to access a sophisticated monochrome look. If you prefer a more colorful look, go for it! On the subtle side, change with a black band for something different, like navy or blush pink. If you want something a bit more eye-catching, choose a bright blue hat or one with a pattern like polka dots. It's your beachwear — make it beautiful!

Big and Shiny Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential beach item. Bigger lenses keep the bright light from getting into your eyes, allowing you to enjoy beach views and the horizon line with open eyes instead of squinting to see what's out there. For the best sunglasses for your face, consider your face shape, then choose glasses that balance out that shape. For example, sunglasses with sharp corners give angles to rounder faces, while round glasses or glasses with rounded edges soften more angular features. Make sure the sunglasses you choose have full UV protection, then lay back on your beach towel and gaze at the stunning scenery around you.

Big and Beautiful Beach Totes

Big bags have space, not just for all the things you need, but they are also big enough to be real outfit accessories! Beach bag totes with stripes give a very nautical atmosphere to an outfit. Typical colors here are white and navy, but there are cute bags with white and light blue or green or even pink. Match the stripe with a tone in your swimsuit, and you are set. Another beachy style is to have a bag with an anchor. There's no need to explain the ocean significance here. Anchors can be in patterns all over the bag or even just one large design on the front. If you like bags with multiple fabrics, consider choosing a tote made of a combination of linen and burlap. With these two types of fabric, there are different patterns and interesting design combinations that can make for an awesome beach bag. Whichever style you prefer, make sure your bag is big enough to carry what you need while also being a big part of a beautiful beach outfit.

Big and Floaty Beach Coverups

You are not always in the water when you go to the beach. Sometimes you are exploring tidepools, walking on the boardwalk, or chilling at a local beach bar. At these times, you may want to be wearing a little more than just your bathing suit. Enter the beach coverup! This overwear can have many forms, but one of the best options for billowing in the beach breeze is the kimono coverup. A long robe-like garment made of thin, airy material is perfect for being one with the wind as you stroll along the beach. It also offers decent coverage when you are in a more public place like a nearby shop, bar, or boardwalk. Other options include plus-size swim shorts, swim shirts and swim dress coverups. All are great choices to let you take advantage of all of the opportunities a beach day offers.

Go big, or go home! Take these ideas and see how you can make a big, beautiful beach day of your own!


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