Best Yoga Pants for Different Yoga Styles

Best Yoga Pants for Different Yoga Styles

Stay comfortable during your next yoga session by wearing the right women’s yoga pants for the occasion. Yoga practice has multiple forms, and we’ll be discussing six of them. Keep reading to learn what differentiates various yoga styles and find outfit ideas for each.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a term you’ve probably seen if you’ve had any prior experience with yoga. This yoga term is used to describe numerous yoga disciplines that combine movement and breath. When you sign up for a beginner Hatha yoga class, you can expect a slow-to-moderate pace and a sequence of poses coordinated with breathwork. As with most all yoga styles, inhales and exhales are used at different parts of each pose to create a flow state that can be both energizing and relaxing.

Ankle-length yoga pants with a streamlined design and elastic waist are ideal for Hatha yoga. This pant style has a slight flare at the bottom for a structured look, while the fit isn’t too tight or too baggy. Wear your yoga pants with tanks or tees for a comfortable, versatile yoga outfit.

Vinyasa Yoga

If you want a vigorous workout, consider Vinyasa yoga. This term covers several yoga styles, including Ashtanga and power yoga. Many people do power yoga as a cardio workout—it features a brisk flow of challenging poses to get your heart rate up. You can incorporate strength-building asanas—or poses—into a power yoga session to build muscle.

Capri yoga pants are a good choice for Vinyasa yoga because they help keep you cool. Plus, you’ll never worry about tripping on your pant cuffs if they happen to be a little long. Look for capris with a full elastic waistband and a drawstring for a custom fit. Polyester and spandex fabrics are soft and durable, with moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry.

Hot Yoga

Another yoga style for when you want a serious workout is hot yoga. As its name suggests, this yoga style takes place in a heated room with moderate humidity to replicate the effects of a sauna. When participating in this yoga style, it’s important to start slow and work up to longer sessions as you become conditioned. Also, be prepared to sweat and make sure to stay hydrated before, during, and after your hot yoga session.

This yoga style calls for the same type of workout wear as Vinyasa yoga. Capri yoga pants are a good choice, especially when paired with women's cotton tank tops. Cotton is light and breathable, and it dries quickly when damp. Plus, you can toss your hot yoga outfit right in the wash after class for easy cleaning.

Yin Yoga

If a calmer, slower-paced workout is more your style, consider Yin yoga. Based on concepts from traditional Chinese medicine, Yin yoga is done mindfully and with slow, deliberate movements. This yoga style is good for targeting the connective tissues, and the poses are held for longer periods. While styles such as Vinyasa yoga can be thought of as active, Yin yoga is a passive practice that’s also calming for the mind and body.

This yoga style calls for super-comfortable clothes, such as high waisted yoga pants with women’s T-shirts. If you’re in an air-conditioned studio, women’s sweatshirts offer extra warmth. You may find you don’t sweat a lot—or at all—with this relaxed yoga style, so you could even go for women's sweatpants made from a heavier fabric than are yoga pants.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is another soothing yoga style. It’s similar to Yin yoga because the poses are held for extended time periods compared to power yoga or even Hatha yoga. Centering and grounding are important aspects of restorative yoga, which uses blankets and cushions as props for some of the poses. Releasing stress and tension is a big part of this yoga style. Consider a restorative yoga session at the end of a busy day to help you relax and unwind.

Most types of women's loungewear can be worn for restorative yoga. You could even wear women's pajama pants and a T-shirt for an evening restorative yoga session. If you’re the traditional type, wear your favorite pair of yoga pants and a tank top or tee.

Prenatal Yoga

There are special yoga classes for expectant mothers. These classes are less about challenging yourself with demanding poses and more about relaxing and working with your breath. Prenatal yoga often includes poses that target the pelvic floor. Some of the poses may be modified with cushions or other props for comfort and safety.

Maternity apparel with stretch is ideal for a prenatal yoga class. Choose yoga pants with a stretchy panel for maximum comfort, and make sure to opt for a light, breathable fabric. A roomy top with light stretch is fine for prenatal yoga because you won’t be performing any inverted poses or anything too strenuous.

The best outfit for practicing yoga is the one you love to wear. If you feel comfortable and like what you’re wearing, you’ll be more likely to follow through with your workout goals. So, pick the comfiest yoga pant style for you, and a nice top to go with them!


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