Best Work From Home Dresses For Virtual Client Meetings

Best Work From Home Dresses For Virtual Client Meetings

Even working virtually, you can still put your best face forward and have a smart, stylish, and professional appearance for client meetings. Propel your career and grow your business by looking top-notch in all your professional interactions with these business dress styles and tips!

Why Virtual Business Dress Matters

While working in a virtual environment can be more relaxed than a brick and mortar office set-up, it’s essential to still have a professional presence. A together look gives a nonverbal cue as to who you are and how you conduct business. A smart, business-ready look means that clients will feel comfortable entrusting services to you, and will help convey that you take work seriously. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean business attire needs to be drab or boring; you can still showcase a little bit of your style and flair for that perfect professional persona that’s still you with women's dresses.

Collared Polo Dresses

Because the camera may not show your entire outfit, the top part of your dress is especially important. A collar on a dress is an easy way to instantly have a professional look. It also has a slight face-framing effect that can be flattering, and it’s interesting enough that it doesn’t need a lot of accessorizing — a small or subtle pair of earrings (like hoops or studs) can do the trick. For these reasons, polo dresses are an ideal option for client meetings. You’ll look pulled-together without looking stuffy. A bonus is that these dresses are completely comfortable, so you’ll be able to work with ease.

Mock-Neck Knit Dresses

The mock-neck of this dress style has a professional look that is sleek and stylish without being too severe. Knit fabrics allow it to have a soft, comfortable fit and a nice drape. Since these are often done in solid colors, it’s a great chance to choose a shade that complements your skin tone for your best look. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a universally flattering color like a classic navy! This is also a dress style that works well with any hairstyle, so it’s a good choice whether you prefer to wear your hair up or down for business meetings.

Jersey Dresses With Embellished Fronts

A little embellishment can add polish and interest to your look and adds more style to jersey dresses. Lace panels, ruffles, beading, or other accents near the neckline can go a long way in making your look fully put together for your meeting. These dresses come in a range of styles, including sleeveless, which can be nice for layering. Just put on a light business jacket or smart summer sweater over a sleeveless style to add to that professional appeal.

The Smart Shirt Dress

Done with a smart collar, a button-up front or faux buttons, and a streamlined look that is completely business-ready, shirt dresses are a dream come true for those long days of virtual client meetings. It is just as professional as a classic work blouse but offers extra comfort because of its body-skimming, non-restrictive design. Some designs also have pockets, which can be a nice functional and stylish touch. These come in solid colors as well as great patterns like checks, stripes, and subtle florals so there are options for everyone. With fabrics ranging from lightweight linen to soft chambray, you can’t go wrong.

Cap-Sleeve Wrap Dresses

Sleek style meets comfortable in work-ready knit dresses done in a wrap or surplice design with cap sleeves. The cap sleeves are a great option for warmer weather or if the temperature in your home office gets a little warm. It keeps you cool and comfortable, but the cap sleeves are still modest enough to be perfectly professional. The softly draping V-neck design of the front of the dress is universally flattering, so it’s a nice choice to keep you looking your presentable best for all your meetings. Color and style options range widely, so this is another great style where you can look for colors or patterns that complement your skin tone and hair color.

Stylish Sheath Dresses 

Classic sheath dresses look fabulous on video. These polished pieces have a great business appearance and yet are still comfortable. The higher, slight scoop neckline is a serious but stylish look that is ideal for coming across in a professional way. These modest dresses are also available in a range of sleeve styles and lengths, so you have options to match the seasons. If you like a little more accessorizing, the sheath is a great choice (though it looks great on its own as well). Simple necklaces or scarves are great accents for a sheath dress.

Pleat-Neck Dresses

There’s something subtly stylish about pleats that make them an ideal choice for a virtual meeting. They aren’t over the top with their style but add enough of an accent that it keeps your look interesting. These usually have rounded necklines that are flattering with any face shape, as well.

Dresses to Make Every Meeting a Success

No matter what your style preferences, there are tons of options that are universally flattering for virtual client meetings. Feel your confident best and make every meeting a success with the right business dress!

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