4 Best Work-from-Home Clothes for Men

4 Best Work-from-Home Clothes for Men

When you work from home, nothing matters more than your comfort. You may not enjoy quite the same luxury if you work in an office and have to abide by a dress code.

Working from home changes the game entirely. Suddenly there’s an entirely new world of apparel to consider. The men’s loungewear you once reserved strictly for lazy weekends watching football and hanging out with the family suddenly means a whole lot more. Do you need to wear something dressier when working? Nope, unless you need to get a little more dressed up for a video meeting. Here are a few options that you’ll love to integrate into your work-from-home professional wardrobe.


It may seem inconceivable to wear a men's sweatshirt to work, but it’s entirely possible to pull it off if you have a home office. Getting ready for the day doesn’t mean putting on a button-front shirt if you never set foot outside the door, so you have a lot more flexibility where your tops are concerned.

But to get you into the right frame of mind for work and productivity, it helps to dress with a certain look in mind. If you typically wear baggy sweats and hoodies on the weekends, opt for something just slightly different during the workweek. Opt for a sweatshirt, for example, with a classic crew neckline and tapered sleeves to create a more defined look.It’s casual, but not sloppy, and you can easily wear it with anything from matching joggers to jeans to pajamas.


If a sweatshirt is fair game, then so are men's sweatpants. Once more of a very simple basic, this wardrobe staple has undergone a serious makeover in recent years. It’s still every bit the understated weekend warrior that it always was, but now it’s a little bit more versatile.

There are all kinds of styles available, from tapered joggers that exude a more contemporary vibe to straight-leg sweats that feel a touch more traditional. You can even mix things up with track pants or other types of activewear-friendly bottoms. So long as they boast a relaxed fit, you can count on feeling comfortable throughout the workday. Bonus: They look right at home with the aforementioned sweatshirts, and you can have some fun mixing and matching different styles and colors to enjoy new looks every day of the week.


As the weather cools down, you may want to do more than just adjust the thermostat. It’s always good to have something cozy and reliable on hand, like a trusty men’s cardigan sweater in your color of choice. Whether you have a thing for old-school styles that reflect the time-honored staple of yesteryear or you prefer something with a bit more of a modern feel, you can easily integrate one of these into your everyday work-from-home wardrobe.

Look for classic button-front styles if you’re all about the simplest basics. They’ll never go out of style, and you can snag one in a neutral shade and one in a brighter color so that you always have something available to complement the rest of your outfit. If you’ve got another type of style in mind, look to a zip-front cardigan instead. It offers the same practical advantages as the original style, yet is a touch sleeker and more refined than its button-adorned counterpart.

Polo Shirts

Goodbye, crisp dress shirts. Hello, men’s polo shirts. If ever there was a great time to reintroduce yourself to this classic, it’s now. Forget about wearing them strictly to Sunday brunch and golf outings with friends. The reason you love them so much for those occasions is precisely why they’re such a smart and sensible choice to wear at home, too: they’re downright comfortable.

Look for styles made with soft cotton; they feel great to the touch, and they’re available in a wide range of colors to complete your wardrobe. Throw it on with your joggers or sweatpants. If you’re taking a break, pull on a pair of jeans or khakis. Polo shirts are versatile enough to go with anything, and they’re also a great option if you need to dress up your look just a touch before a video call. Just be sure to throw on a sports coat or a cardigan to pull it together even more.

The right pieces can make all the difference to your comfort — and even your productivity. Why worry about clothes that don’t feel great? Part of the joy of working from home is having the flexibility to wear whatever you want. Take advantage of that!


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