Best Work Attire if You Have a Hybrid Office Job

Best Work Attire if You Have a Hybrid Office Job

Hybrid office jobs are on the rise, and if you're new to this work model or your employer is thinking of making the switch, you might already be thinking about how to adjust your work looks. When you’re rocking your work from home apparel, your weekday outfits might consist of the comfiest clothes you have in your closet, plus a few nice tops or layers you can keep nearby for days you have video meetings. And when heading into an office every day for work, you have to consider how to keep your entire look professional, from your shoes to your accessories to your outerwear. When you make the switch to a hybrid office model, you'll want your closet to reflect the varied nature of your workweek.

Your best bet is to aim for an outfit rotation that's a perfect blend and balance of professional and comfortable. The great news is that this is super easy to achieve with the right attire. Taking a streamlined and practical approach to your work looks can help you feel more organized and focused on the tasks at hand, no matter where you're working from. Read on for the best work clothes for building a closet that reflects your hybrid office setup.

Comfortable Bottoms

The best office attire for hybrid work setups includes several pairs of practical pants and other types of bottoms. The pants in your rotation should work as well for at-home days as they do for the days you go into the office, meaning they should be as comfortable as they are office-appropriate. Opt for bottoms that you can easily dress up or keep a bit more casual, so you can get use out of them no matter where work takes you on any given day.

A pair of comfy high-waisted pants in material like soft cotton knit is a must-have for hybrid office attire. Look for a pair or two in neutral colors that work well with the tops and shoes you have in your closet. Remember, versatility is key when it comes to building a rotation of work outfits — plus, you’ll want to save room in your dresser for weekend clothes, after all! The perfect high-waisted pants will have a dressy and flattering silhouette while featuring details like an elastic waist that'll keep you comfortable all day.

Women's cropped pants are another stylish and practical choice for hybrid work attire. Opt for a pair of flattering wide-leg linen crop pants with an oh-so-comfy tie waist in a versatile shade like blue or flax linen. These bottoms will feel like you’re wearing your favorite PJs while still being perfectly professional for in-person meetings. Pair these pants with ballet flats, kitten heels, or even your bunny slippers, depending on the day.

Fuss-Free Dresses

Women's dresses are an absolute must when it comes to building out your hybrid work outfit rotation. There's something so easy about wearing dresses, which is why we love them so much. Fuss-free dresses in easy-care cotton are ideal because you can dress them up or down.

For an option that's as flattering as it is simple, go with a cap sleeve twist front fit and flare dress in either a solid shade or a fun print, like a trendy leopard. This type of dress provides all of the coziness of your favorite cotton sleep shirt but with a style that says you're ready to run the show. For at-home days when you have lots of video conferences, a dress like this is perfect to throw on before your next call. If you are heading to the office, pair this dress with a blazer and mules or ballet flats, and you’ll be set for that important client meeting.

Versatile Tops

When it comes to picking out and styling tops for your hybrid office job, there are a few essential items you can use to complete any look. For starters, you'll want to ensure you have a few women's cardigans to choose from. Cardigan sweaters are a must-have for dressing up any work outfit. You can keep one at your desk for when that office building AC inevitably kicks in and turns your office into the Arctic. Or you could wear one during the workday at home so you can easily transition to a cozy movie marathon night the moment you close your laptop.

For the office, opt for a flattering and elegant cashmere cardigan layer. Go with an easy-care open-front cotton cardigan for your at-home days. Layer your cardigans over women's blouses or crisp v-neck t-shirts, depending on your agenda for the day.

With your work attire aligned with your hybrid schedule, you'll be able to take on any task with confidence and style, all while keeping your closet organized and streamlined.


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