Best Women's Boots to Travel With This Winter

Best Women's Boots to Travel With This Winter

Whether you're planning an epic winter vacation or a quick getaway to escape from seasonal chaos, you've got to be prepared for the possibility of inclement weather. Yes, that means you may need to pack along a pair of women's winter boots to ensure your feet don't get soaked while you're out there having a great time. If your feet are cold and wet, there's no way that you're going to feel comfortable while negotiating a crowded city sidewalk or navigating the slopes at a gorgeous ski resort. In other words, the right boots are there to see you through all your cold-weather travels. Here are the best travel boot styles to pack for your trip.

Sleek Booties

If you know for a fact that there's no snow in the forecast, then you might find solace in a pair of chic booties. The beauty of this shoe is that it's perfect for vacation. It's compact enough to stash inside your suitcase, and it goes with everything from cute dresses and tights to leggings and tunics. Of course, you can just as easily wear a pair of sleek booties on the plane or train as you head to your destination to keep your feet nice and toasty throughout.

Keep style in mind as you select the right pair for your trip. What would look best with most of what's in your suitcase? In general, neutral shades like black and tan are always reliable choices that you can wear every single day. Opt for a style with a flexible sole and enough traction to provide a secure ground grip while you're walking around town and enjoying the scenery. Also, make sure that you pack socks that pair well with your booties. No-show or low-profile socks are popular choices. Many people don’t like their socks showing when they wear booties.

Mid-Calf Boots

When there's the possibility of snow, you might be better off packing a boot that hits somewhere on the calf. Depending on the boot's weight, you might be comfortable enough wearing them, or you might prefer to pack them inside your bag if room allows. Some styles are sleek and minimal and go great with jeggings and smart wool coats on brisk days. Others are more solid and substantial and are a safer choice for climates that are freezing or venturing into that territory. Check traction on your boots before traveling, though so you’re not sliding around too much. Also, make sure to pack socks that aren’t too thick to wear with your boots.

Snow Boots

If you're planning a trip to a ski resort or a frigid destination, then you'll simply have to pack a pair of solid snow boots. These should be just as reliable as your favorite comfortable shoes for travel – the ones you wear throughout spring and summer, for example, that never steer you wrong. Snow boots are more performance shoes than anything else, but that doesn't mean that they can't also be stylish. Since you're going to the trouble of packing something that is considerably more heavy-duty than ankle- or mid-calf boots, it's well worth your time to explore the many available options.

First, keep in mind that features truly matter where winter boots are concerned. You don't need to look far to find styles that are built with important elements. Insulation is key in frigid environments; it helps lock in body heat and keeps you warm whether you're skiing down the slopes or climbing up the mountain. Additions like faux fur are not just glamorous, they also supply additional warmth to ensure your feet don't freeze. Never minimize the value of a shoe that's easy to pull on and off, especially when you're traveling. The quicker you can step out of soaking boots and into a pair of toasty slippers or socks, the better you'll feel. Side zippers are key to establishing quick on and off. Finally, check out the outsole. Is it sturdy and flexible? Does it bend easily? This means it's destined to support you and provide the stability that you need in all conditions. Proper traction is essential during wintertime, as anyone who has ever skidded on ice or struggled through snow can attest.

Packing Concerns

It's natural to worry about how to pack your boots, just as you might not be sure how to pack a long down coat (hint: buy a packable style!). If you can, try to wear the boots during your actual journey to the destination. It may not be super comfortable to wear heavy snow boots on a plane, but you do have other options.

Some people use their boots as storage. To take advantage of this packing technique, fill them with small items, like socks, charging cables, and jewelry – basically anything that you would otherwise need to stash somewhere in your bag anyway. Put the boots in a shoe bag and lay them on top of your folded clothes, then zip up your suitcase. That way, they're quick and easy to search if you get stopped in line. If you don't plan to fill them up, stick them at the bottom of the bag, especially if you don't plan to check your luggage and have to lug it through the airport and onto the plane. The heavier the item, the better you'll fare if you place it at the bottom. Stack lighter items on top for balance. Make sure as you pack your boots, you’re also putting them in plastic or shoe bags. You don’t want to get everything else in your suitcase dirty. It’s also key to pack clean and dry boots so you don’t end with a stinky muddy mess in your travel bags. 

As you start selecting your sweaters, scarves, jackets, and other trip essentials, keep in mind that the right pair of footwear is just as important – if not more so.


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