Best Women’s Swimwear for Vacation

Best Women’s Swimwear for Vacation

What’s the difference between vacation swimwear and regular swimwear? When you are on vacation, you are a mysterious foreigner stopping by on an exotic adventure. You can be confident and bold in your attitude, so shouldn’t your swimwear reflect that same mindset? A brand-new bathing suit and a dynamic new you. Here are some bathing suit ideas for how you can become your vacation’s waterside bombshell.

Bandeau Tops

Show off those gorgeous shoulders with a bandeau swimsuit! These stunning strapless tops are great for drawing attention to the chest and shoulder area; plus, you can get an even, all-over tan without having to worry about quirky tan lines. If you are worried about losing coverage in the water, make sure you choose a swimsuit with removable straps. That way, you get the best of both worlds. If you like the bandeau style, but a bikini top is too much for you, try a one-piece swimsuit with a strapless design. The stylistic blend of revealing your shoulders while concealing your torso can make for an alluring combination while maintaining the bandeau look.

Skirted Swimsuits

Skirted swimsuits leave just enough to the imagination to leave ’em wanting more! Whether you go with a swim dress, a swim skirt, or a pair of bottoms with a ’50s-style pinup layer that just covers what it should, these bathing suits can help you feel fun and free while you are playing in the water. Florals and polka dots make for adorable patterns, as do nautical stripes in red, white, and blue. The other benefit of these swimsuits is you can multi-purpose them, provided you find a style you love. Swim dresses can be worn out and about with leggings for modesty’s sake, while the pinup style can double as a cute lingerie choice your significant other will appreciate.

Wrap One-Piece

These wrap swimsuits, also known as cross-over swimsuits, are visually excellent for any body. The crisscrossing of the style gives a very nice V-neck neckline to the top of this swimsuit, a lovely shape that draws the eye in a vertical line up and down the body. The wrapping of the material in the torso creates the impression of pulling in at the waist—some even emphasize this with a waist belt. This makes you, the wearer, appear to have more of an hourglass figure; it’s a very slimming swimsuit. Solid colors translate into visual vertical columns, which also contribute to the lengthening of your body, but ombres can be quite eye-catching. You can also look for a one-piece wrap with combinations of patterns and solid colors in places that will draw attention toward what you want to showcase.

One-Shoulder Bathing Suits

A one-shoulder bathing suit in black, wine red, or deep violet is just the sort of thing a femme fatale would wear when traveling abroad. Play into the character by getting one of these for yourself and reclining on the beach under a giant umbrella with a big hat, dark sunglasses, and blood-red lips. High-cut legs can give you visual height, or you can recall a bygone era with fuller coverage. Bold as a bandeau top with less chance of falling off, this swimsuit can be a delightful answer to what to wear on a vacation adventure.

String Bikini

This is an all-around classic swimsuit. With so little material, the focus is all on you, so this is certainly a bold choice for the bold traveler. The secret benefit of the strings, aside from being revealing and eye-catching of course, is that you can tighten this swimsuit as much or as little as you want. This makes it a decent choice for playing in the water and for getting rid of tan lines while lounging in the sun. If you want a little more mystery, consider getting a beach coverup. That way, you can keep viewers guessing until you finally unveil your bikini when the moment is right.

Style It Up

If you have a style of swimsuit that you like but feel like it needs something more, look for that same cut with an interesting addition or design. Finding a beloved style with a new pattern can revitalize a beach vacation. Bright colors from the summer palette can also create a confident atmosphere. Hibiscus red, orange juice orange, and lemonade yellow are stunning colors on the warm side of the color spectrum that can turn heads. On the cool side, tropical turquoise, jungle green, and orchid purple are also fabulous hues that draw the eye. If color is not where you want to make a change, consider stylistic additions to the swimsuit style you like, such as ruffles or bows. Maybe rouching is the way you want to go to make your next swimsuit unique.

Whatever you decide, choose a bathing suit that heightens your anticipation for your trip so you can travel with no regrets and enjoy your summer to the fullest!


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