Best Women's Outfits for a Thanksgiving Parade

Best Women's Outfits for a Thanksgiving Parade

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. Being grateful for the gifts the year has brought, appreciating the special people in your life and celebrating the abundance of the harvest season—it's an all-around excellent occasion. There are many ways to observe Thanksgiving, but one of the best ways, aside from the famous family dinner, is to go to a Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Thanksgiving parades began over a hundred years ago and have spread from the east all over the country. The most well-known is Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, but there are parades in other areas, too. You can find them in cities like Philadelphia, Houston and San Diego, among other locations around the U.S. Parades will usually have floats⁠—large drivable trailers covered in decorations and sporting interesting themes and waving characters. Balloons (of both the regular and giant variety) make appearances, marching bands, cheerleaders, show horses and performers of all kinds are hired to put on a show. These parades usually end with Santa "comin' to town" as an introduction to the wintery Christmas season.

Since such a parade would clearly be a fun place to be, what should you know and what should you wear? Here are some great women's outfits for a Thanksgiving Day Parade.

First, Some Outfit Notes...

Let's start with the local climate. Depending on where you live and where you plan on watching your Thanksgiving Day Parade, you'll want to make different clothing choices. Someone who lives in Southern California will want to wear something a little different from someone who's in Michigan. On the other hand, someone traveling from the heat of Texas should pack very intentionally if she is going to be watching her parade in Pennsylvania. That makes sense, right?

Next, let's consider the weather. It's definitely a smart move to check the weather forecast and plan ahead of time. It's also good to have "just in case" options should the unexpected occur. If you know the weatherman is unreliable in your area, look outside, use your best judgment and maybe bring along a cute umbrella for both shade and rain or snow protection.

Finally, think about what you'll be doing. Unless you live in a smaller town with a bit more space, you'll have to be standing to see. You may even have to get to the parade a few hours early to stake out your spot. If that's the case, be sure to prioritize comfort when putting together your outfit.

Now for the Outfits!

This is a great time to get into the gorgeous autumn color palette and opt for fun fall pieces! If you're in a colder area, consider putting your blue jeans with some warm cognac-colored women's boots. Thick socks or a secret underlayer of tights can help keep you toasty if the parade day weather moves in that direction. Pair this bottom look with a black and white striped shirt on top layered under a brown leather jacket with a plaid scarf of autumnal red, green and brown combinations to keep off the chill and tie everything together.

If you were looking for some classy outfit options, look no further! The idea that simplicity is elegance rings true when looking at a black women's blouse (or sweater) with black jeans under a full-length camel trenchcoat. Add some fancy sunglasses, a stylish black and gold watch, a big black leather purse, and a pair of nude heels or light brown booties to complete this fabulous ensemble. Hoping for a little more of a statement? Trade the full-length trenchcoat for a shorter tan peacoat, switch the black top for a bold cream turtleneck, and go for cheetah print heels or booties to cement the wow factor.

Are you a bit more laidback and creative? How about utilizing a women's hat in your Thanksgiving Day Parade outfit? Felt hats in Panama or fedora styles are great for autumn weather. A black hat would be an excellent combination with a white bohemian long-sleeve, a warm brown corduroy mini-skirt and thigh-high black boots. Alternatively, you could wear a loose white tunic top under a light chambray shirt or a heavier jean jacket with black leggings and black or brown boots. Add your black hat and a chunky black scarf and you're set for parade-watching!

With tips for what to pay attention to when choosing your outfit and some outfit ideas to get you started, you're ready to put your own style to work to make your special Thanksgiving Day Parade look. Some people might ask, "Why bother?" The answer: Dressing your best and feeling prepared can help you relax and focus on what's most important⁠—a beautiful celebration with your loved ones and an attitude of gratitude.


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