Best Winter Work Outfits for Plus Size Women

Best Winter Work Outfits for Plus Size Women

In winter we know it’s tempting to layer up in bulky sweaters and puffy jackets. However, it's possible to still create cute, flattering, and form fitting outfits year round. As long as you're willing to shop around to find the right fit and fabric, snowy season doesn't have to hinder your ability to look and feel great. Lands’ End is dedicated to helping women in this effort - that’s why we design our plus-size clothing with your body in mind and adjust the proportions of the clothing you love to give you the best fit, no matter what the size.

Winter may not be the easiest season to dress your best for work but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Resist the urge to hide your curves away until spring and check out a few of our women’s plus-size winter work outfits to get you through the season in style.

Plus Size Ponte Knit Dresses:

We know what you’re thinking: you’d rather eat the expired yogurt at the back of the community office fridge than wear a dress to work during the winter. We’re not talking about some flimsy summer dress with a cute little cardigan thrown over the shoulders. No, for winter you need a dress that can hold its own on a windy morning and make you look like the power-wielding professional that you are. That’s exactly why you need a plus-size ponté knit dress for your winter wardrobe rotation.

Plus size ponté knit dresses come in various lengths, cuts, and styles to help you put your best fashion foot forward this winter. Made from a structured-yet-forgiving knit, this cotton/polyester/spandex blend will hold up and stay looking great for years to come. And, aside from helping you look good, it’s also extremely comfortable – making even the longest of workdays go a little smoother.

Cashmere & Corduroy:

No, we’re not trying to sell you on some smooth jazz cover band. Cashmere and Corduroy, regardless of how it sounds, is a great combo for a casual work outfit. Trust us, you’ll love the soft and comforting feel of these two timeless fabrics on your skin -- perfect for chasing away those hazy shades of winter blues.

Made with a softer finish and fantastic fit, women’s plus-size corduroy pants are designed to work with you. We even added stretch to the cotton for perfect movement while the refined 16 wale lends a classic wear-to-work-or-wherever-you-want look. Offered in a variety of colors and styles (as in straight leg, wide-leg crop, boot cut, and leggings) our corduroy pants pair nicely with one of our soft and elegant women’s plus size cashmere sweaters. A look so sweet you could write songs about it.

The Classic Blouse and Slim Leg Pant:

Keep up with the Millennials in your office and rock your version of the “leggings and tunic look” to work this week in a stylish and functional pair of our women’s plus-size skinny pants. The great thing about this silhouette is that they have the same form fitting appeal of leggings without feeling too tight. Skinny pants balance your shape and give you lots of shoe options, from pumps to ballet flats or even ankle boots. Complete your Monday-Friday look with a plus-size blouse, tunic sweaters, waterfall cardigan over a sleeveless mock turtleneck, and a gorgeous tunic knit top. Five days. Done.

Cardigans and Leggings: 

Cardigans are so flattering while being incredibly comfy. They come in many colors and material types so you’ll look fabulous while staying cozy. Simply pick out your favorite long basic tee, layer it with a matching cardigan, and grab your favorite pair of leggings. You can pair these with a set of ankle or full boots. If it’s extra chilly, you can also add a scarf, but it’s not necessary.

Accessorize to Add Variety to your Wardrobe: 

Everyone has at least two outfits that they wish they could wear every day, but people don’t want to look like repeat outfit-wearers mid-week. So, change your favorite outfit up with a few accessories. Here are a few ideas.

For example, if you have a favorite knit dress, change out the tights you wear for a bolder color, that will get noticed. Add a headband and some earrings for some more pops of color. People won’t notice you wore that outfit, last week. So, you’ll be able to do so much more with much less wardrobe. 

Whatever your work wardrobe needs, we at Lands’ End have made it our job to help you look your best this winter. Stop hiding behind those ill-fitting sweaters of seasons past. Shop for your perfect plus-size winter wardrobe now.


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