The Best Winter Boots to Wear to Work

The Best Winter Boots to Wear to Work

What you choose to wear to work has a lot to do with how you get there. If you drive, park in a garage, and head straight for your office without ever setting foot outside, you don’t necessarily need to think about wearing the toughest pair of winter boots out there.

But if you walk the entire way or have a partial commute by foot after you get off the train or bus, you’ll need to prioritize your comfort so that you stay warm, dry, and safe while you’re negotiating a busy sidewalk and dodging puddles and mounds of snow. Here are a few of the most appropriate women’s winter boots to wear to work.

Chelsea Boots

Few shoes are as stylish, versatile, and comfortable as the flawless Chelsea boot. The timeless shoe made its debut in the 19th century, when it was renowned for its easy wear and flattering style. At the time, it was largely celebrated because it was so tough and durable, and was often considered an incomparable choice for rugged wear. It was a key reason why equestrians wore them so frequently. When Queen Victoria wore a pair in the 1850s, the shoe’s popularity soared.

Decades later, the boot became a favorite when, during the 1950s, it became popular amongst a group known as the “Chelsea set” in England. Known for setting trends and inspiring high style, their enthusiasm for the Chelsea boot made it an immediate phenomenon in the mainstream. Today, it’s the ultimate choice for a winter workday — so long as you don’t have to step through the snow to get there. Flexible side panels set it apart, making it an effortless choice that slips on and off quickly. The pull tab at the back also makes it simple to wear. The shoe’s streamlined design makes it a great option to wear with anything from a turtleneck and a pair of flowing trousers to a crisp pantsuit.

Wedge Boots

Wedge boots aren’t just cozy and appropriate for winter weather, but also ideal for adding a pop of style to your cold-weather look. The bottom line is that you can’t forgo your safety when it’s cold out there. The wedge style is especially suitable if you love the look and feel of a heel but don’t want to step out in an actual traditional heel. Wedges make constant contact with the ground, but also elevate your height just a touch. For best results in the wintertime, it’s best to stick with a lower-profile wedge to ensure that you can walk easily and comfortably in case it starts sleeting or flurrying while you’re walking home.

The wedge boot is easy to work into your existing professional wardrobe, too. It looks phenomenal with tights and different types of women’s dresses, or you can wear them with a suit if you prefer a more corporate-friendly look. There are many styles out there, and depending on your work environment, you might be able to get away with something a little more unexpected — say, a pop of faux fur at the cuff. Otherwise, keep it simple and streamlined so that it fits in seamlessly with your work attire.

Tall Boots

Sleek, stylish, and comfortable, the tall boot is a classic choice that is especially appropriate if you prefer to wear skirts and dresses to the workplace, even during the winter months. The long length of the boot provides substantial coverage so that you stay as warm and comfortable as possible, while adding significant style to your work-day ensembles.

As with the wedge, there are many different types of tall boots available. Avoid high heels, and focus more on comfort elements so that, if you have to brave any inclement weather on your way to work or back home, you can handle it with ease. A flat, tall boot is a great choice to pair with leggings and a long sweater in a casual environment, or a wrap dress, a blazer, and tights for a more corporate-friendly look.

Snow Boots

Although you may want to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa on a snowy day, sometimes you simply have to go to work. When staying home is out of the question, make sure that you’re prepared with a pair of solid women's snow boots. In cases where your safety is concerned, nothing matters more. Don’t look specifically for styles that you can wear with your suit or cold weather accessories, but something that can get you there as comfortably as possible. Insulation is key, as is a waterproof upper to ensure that you stay as dry as possible too.

If you expect inclement weather or you live in a region where this type of thing is just the norm, you can always keep a pair of comfortable work shoes in your desk drawer. Pumps or flats are ideal, as you can quickly slip into them as soon as you arrive and let your boots dry out next to the heater.


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