4 Best Jeans to Wear Throughout Winter

4 Best Jeans to Wear Throughout Winter

Although women’s jeans are year-round staples, winter happens to be a great time to make them a key part of your core rotation. They’re stylish and classic, and they’ll keep you comfortable no matter what’s in the forecast. A little wet weather is no match for rugged and durable denim. You can style them in countless ways, whether you’re dressing up or going casual.

More importantly, they’re available in a variety of styles and colors. There’s a great pair of jeans to flatter every body type! Whether you prefer something sleek and streamlined, favor a more traditional fit, or want to experiment with a wider leg, you’ll easily find a pair of jeans that fit right into your wardrobe like a dream. Here are a few of the best styles to incorporate into your cold-weather routine.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans were once super trendy, but they’ve since evolved to become absolute classics. The key is to select a pair that fits like a dream. Length matters, too, but during winter, when you’re likely to wear them with boots, it’s not as crucial as when they’re paired with sandals or ballet flats.

It’s easy to style them for cool weather. If you’re hanging out inside, throw on a chunky, oversized sweater or a boyfriend cardigan over a simple white T-shirt. Make the most of the season and choose a top in a jewel tone for some contrast. To create a sleeker and more streamlined appearance, belt your sweater to cinch the waist and develop some definition. Step into a pair of booties or knee-high boots and the look is complete.

Black Jeans

A pair of women’s black jeans is the ultimate versatile companion for your winter routine. They’ve been spotted all over the runways, and they bring with them dozens of styling options to make your winter a more fashionable season. Even if you throw a winter coat on top, you’ll love how they add a little scaled back sophistication to your cold-weather looks.

Try yours with a long-sleeve, fitted sweater and a pair of suede booties. You can also pair them with a jewel-tone sweater or blouse. Prefer to take a more casual or sporty approach? Winter is the perfect time to wear a cozy sweatshirt or hoodie. Try chunky sneakers if you want to take it in a trendier direction, or your usual running shoes if you’ve got holiday shopping to do or a long list of errands to run.


If you swear by leggings throughout the year, add a pair of jeggings to your routine when temperatures start to fall. They’re just as flexible, comfortable, and relaxed as those leggings that you swear by, and they offer myriad styling opportunities on the coolest days of the year.

The best way to rock your jeggings? Have some fun and take advantage of the cooler weather. Try a cozy sweater dress and a pair of animal-print booties for a fresh look that’s right on trend. If you’re meeting old friends for your annual holiday get together, try a long, wool blazer and slip a jewel-tone top underneath. Layer a statement necklace or two on top to create a fresh, fashionable outfit that’s perfect for the countless pictures you’ll take throughout the evening.

High Rise Jeans

A pair of high rise jeans evokes a sense of retro style. It’s the perfect choice when your goal is to wear something that’s as flattering as it is trendy. The beauty of this style is that despite its popularity, it won’t lose its relevance — you’ll find that you reach for these jeans time and time again, making them a core part of your cold-weather wardrobe.

During winter, tuck in a turtleneck to take advantage of the higher, leg-elongating silhouette. A cropped sweater also makes a great choice, as does a long-sleeve flannel top that’s artfully tied at the waist for a more casual look. When wearing anything with a high waist, it’s important to stick with shorter silhouettes on top to establish a balanced look from top to bottom. A pair of wedge boots or chunky heels are a great finishing touch — it conveys that old-school quality yet still feels decidedly contemporary.

With so many different options available, it’s easy to find a great pair of jeans to complement your winter wardrobe. To make life even simpler throughout the season, invest in a few different silhouettes — you’ll give yourself the flexibility to play with your look and to wear a variety of styles from one event to the next. The right style could even wear well at a holiday party. It’s all about how you put your look together. You can easily make the most of denim all winter long.


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