Best Winter Hats for the Stylish You

The Best Winter Hats for Men and Women

When it comes to finding the best hats for winter, you’re spoiled for choice! The key is to choose a winter hat that not only provides you with much-needed warmth but also reflects your personal style. Use this style guide to find the perfect hat to celebrate the snowy season with.

Soft, Wooly Beanies

As a wardrobe staple, the soft, wooly beanie goes with virtually any outfit. From the boardroom to the barstool, you’ll find a beanie that suits any look. For dressier looks, select a wooly beanie with a bit of flair, like a pom-pom or sparkly knit to complement your sophisticated look.

If you’re going for a more casual vibe, snag a beanie that matches your favorite flannel shirts. Chunkier knits tend to go better with more casual clothing. You can even add a bit of intrigue with some cute ear flaps or a little bit of fluffy faux fur action.

When it comes to hairstyles, you can hide your hair under a beanie or let it flow out in a gorgeous cascade. And since beanies offer a bit more room than traditional fitted hats, you’ll have plenty of styling options for your hair.

Fancy Fedoras

Fedoras make amazing winter hats. The fedora isn’t as warm as its wooly beanie counterpart, but it has a lot more fashion sense. If you’re going for an adventurous look, add a fedora to your casual top with skinny jeans. Accessorize with a feather or other small yet natural accents.

The fedora’s robust design still provides some protection from the cold. However, thanks to its wider brim, this hat style isn’t the best option for windy days. More artistic styles include a narrower brim that would work well when the wind picks up.

Fleecy Headbands

Hats don’t always need a top to be cozy and warm. In fact, if you’re active or run on the warmer side, a fleecy headband goes a long way to keep you cozy. Headbands are a great option not only for active winter activities but for days where you don’t need a ton of extra layering.

Couple a cute winter headband with your favorite women’s cashmere sweater for a snuggly look that keeps you toasty. We especially love wearing headbands when we put our hair up. This keeps your hairdo looking fresh while also keeping your ears covered for warmth.

Bucket Hats

For a cute, vintage look, snag a bucket hat. These thin-profile hats evoke a timeless look that’s both sophisticated and snuggly. Bucket hats style well with a knee-length skirt and a retro-inspired blouse. Alternatively, you could also couple a bucket hat with a cute tall maxi dress and pumps. Opt to add a little flair with some tool accents or even a wool flower pinned to the side. These fashionable hats almost never go out of style and provide plenty of warmth for those frigid days.

The Costume Hat

Some hats aren’t meant to keep you warm but are instead intended to make a statement. That’s what’s great about costume hats. Typically smaller, with a touch of something extra, these small hats pin to your hair to create a festive vibe. Virtually any little black dress looks great with a fun and flirty costume hat. These accessories make your festive holiday outfit stand out above the rest. Although they don’t do much in the way of warmth, they add a fun holiday flair that puts a smile on your face.

Slouchy Knits

If boho chic is more your thing, then go for a chunky, slouchy knit hat. Designed to fit securely on your head then drape off to the side, these cozy hats give a relaxed vibe to any look. They go great with everything from a jersey dress to your favorite T-shirt and jeans. The high-quality knit fabrics keep the cold at bay, but the slouchy look keeps you looking approachable. You can wear this hat with your hair done up or down thanks to the extra room in the back. Bring on the boho with this warm and cozy accessory. Mix and match with different scarves to add a variety of textures to your outfit.

Overall, there are many different styles to choose from when selecting the best winter hat. It’s usually best to have a couple of different options that fit your wardrobe. It’s fun to mix things up and add a little drama to your outfit while still keeping things functional. You can’t go wrong with a cozy winter hat this season.


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