Best Winter Coats for Kids

Best Winter Coats for Kids

We all know the woes of being a parent and the struggle of getting kids ready each morning. That struggle only gets worse in the winter, when you have to add more layers just to protect them from the frigid cold. We’re solving the winterwear problem one coat at a time with stylish winter coats for kids that they’ll be eager to put on each morning.

With options from lightweight jackets with bright colors and designs, to ultra-thick insulated parkas, there are plenty of solutions to soothe your winter worries – and, better yet, your kids will love dressing up with coordinating winter accessories like curated hats, scarves, and boots. Whether you have a big kid as old as 20, or you’re shopping for a toddler, these are the best kids winter coats.

Kids’ Winter Parkas

Kids’ winter parkas are the most substantial and protective versions of outerwear for kids. Their long body length and thick, warm insulation keeps kids toasty in extra cold temperatures. Additionally, their fun designs – with patches, faux-fur trimmed hoods, classic colors, and cool details – make them effortlessly cool and kid-friendly. With down and down-alternative insulation that resists the coldest temperatures, these coats are the perfect option for skiing and snow days.

Pair them with fleece-lined leggings or lined pants, snow boots, and extra layers underneath for true winter wear. Be mindful of insulation when choosing parkas, as there are many types, each with its own unique care instructions. Be sure to check the details before investing in a girls parka or boys parka, and know exactly the best cleaning methods and storage options.

Lightweight Insulated Jackets for Kids

When looking for a lightweight girls' winter coats that can stand up to cold temperatures while also being easy to transport, ThermoPlume®-insulated jackets are the best option. This patented technology is cold-weather resistant and also ultra-lightweight for commutes. Better yet, it is much more hardy and durable than traditional down insulation, which is often heavy and likely to deflate if not stored correctly. ThermoPlume® jackets come in a variety of colors and styles, perfect for fashion-conscious girls and trendy boys. Pair these jackets with winter accessories such as hats, scarves, layers, and boots on colder days.

Stormer Jackets & Coats

Stormer jackets and coats are easily the most versatile outerwear for kids. These winter jackets have three layers, including a windproof outer shell that is weather-resistant against wind and rain, and an interior shell that provides warmth against colder temperatures. Additionally, each layer can be worn separately, making these jackets and coats a three-in-one answer for outerwear. These jackets are not necessarily designed for extra-cold temperatures; however, they are perfect for mild weather and can also be layered under more substantial winter coats when temperatures drop. Stormer jackets come in a variety of colors and patterns, so your kid will love dressing up in the morning, even if it means extra layers.

Fleece Jackets

Fleece jackets can be worn by themselves in milder temperatures as girls or boys’ winter coats, or they can be worn underneath more heavy-duty winter coats as an extra layer, making them extra versatile and a staple item for any winter wardrobe. Perfect for cozying up inside or for making quick commutes to the car or house on chilly days, fleece jackets are great to have on hand for chilly nights and an icy cold season, they are an all-around layer for cold weather. Available in several colors, styles, and designs, from full zip-ups to pullovers, these jackets even include details such as hoods, contrasting piping, zippers, and reflective details. Pair fleece jackets with a thick winter coat, a winter hat, and a scarf for a look that can transition throughout the winter season.

Expedition Coats

Expedition coats are a must-have for locking in warmth all winter long. When temperatures drop below zero, it’s time to bundle up to avoid any winter blues and colds. These kids’ winter coats feature extra-warm insulation, faux-fur trimmed hoods, and Sherpa-lined interiors, making them the ultimate warm option. While they aren’t full length, adding layers will warm things up. Pair these coats with fleece-lined leggings, high boots, and extra layers for a functional look that can also keep your kids nice and warm in ultra-cold temperatures.

When it comes to the winter season, be sure that your kids are bundled up, whether it be with one, ultra-thick winter coat, or easy layers for smooth transitions through the season. These options are all designed with cool kids in mind, making your mornings a lot easier – and their days a lot warmer.


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