Best Winter Boots for Shoveling Snow

Best Winter Boots for Shoveling Snow

Winter is arguably the boot season of the year. There are so many different types of boots to wear for every winter occasion: chunky leather heel boots to wear with your favorite winter floral midi dress, super insulated rubber rain boots for barn chores, and of course, a heavy-duty pair of waterproof winter boots you can wear when you are going for a stroll through your neighborhood after the first snowfall or shoveling your driveway. If you need a new pair of women's winter boots this season, take a look at some of the best options to wear when shoveling your driveway.

Insulated Flannel-Lined Duck Boots

If the snowfall is relatively minimal or you just have to shovel a couple of inches off the driveway on a late autumn morning, insulated flannel-lined women's duck boots are classic, go-to boots that are just as functional as they are stylish. Sure, duck boots are a great footwear option for a super cute fall or winter outfit, but they’re also something you will want to wear to keep your feet extra warm in the fall and winter months. If you need a reliable footwear choice that you can easily slip on in order to quickly shovel your driveway or do chores around the house or in the barn, duck boots are at the top of the list.

The waterproof rubber upper will protect your feet from the dreaded “soakers” (as the Canadians like to call wet socks), and the slip-resistant rubber outsole provides excellent traction for when you are trudging through wet, slushy snow. The interior is built with 200-gram Thermolite insulation, flannel lining, and a cushioned footbed to keep your feet warm, comfortable, and protected from the harsh weather elements. All of these features make them perfect for spending time out in the snow shoveling your driveway.

Squall Insulated Snow Boots

Duck boots offer a tremendous amount of warmth and protection from the outdoor elements, but if you need something with a little more calf coverage, squall insulated snow boots may just be the boots for you. With a side zipper, they are easy to slip on and off, and the faux fur collar does an excellent job of keeping pesky snowflakes out.

Like duck boots, squall boots are designed with a durable rubber outsole for great traction both on wet and dry ground. These boots are made for horrendous weather conditions, so if you live in a region where you get lots of snowfall throughout the winter, you are going to want a pair of heavy-duty squall boots that you can both zip and lace-up and depend on to protect your feet from the cold. The exterior nylon material is tear-resistant, puncture-proof, windproof, and waterproof. What more could a girl ask for?

Expedition Insulated Winter Snow Boots

Like tall squall boots, expedition winter snow boots are an excellent winter footwear choice for women who live in a climate where there is lots of heavy snowfall. Not only are these boots fabulous for shoveling the driveway, but you can also get a lot of use out of them all season long, whether you plan to go on an adventurous winter hike through the woods or take the kids sledding at the local sledding hill.

Expedition winter snow boots are a great investment, designed to offer maximum protection from the cold weather and snow and last you for years. With 600 grams of insulation, these boots are as warm as they come. The faux fur lining in the shaft and tongue offer even more warmth and coziness, and the waterproof nylon exterior means you won’t ever have to worry about slushy, cold snow leaking into the boots. You could easily stomp around in two feet of heavy snow and not have to worry about getting your feet cold and wet! So if you know you are going to have to shovel a lot of snow off your driveway this season, a strong pair of winter gloves and the expedition insulated winter women's snow boots might be just what you need.

All Weather Winter Snow Boots

Do you live in one of those climates where it’s 60 degrees and sunny one day and 20 degrees with a foot of snow the next? Then you may need a pair of all-weather winter snow boots ready for every type of day winter throws your way. A nice, sleek pair of all-weather winter boots with a waterproof suede upper and quilted shaft is both stylish, yet super practical. The plush fleece lining, 200 grams of insulation, and the moldable, cushioned footbed make these boots some of the coziest you can find. How often can you find a pair of winter boots that are stylish, durable, ultra cozy, and warm all at the same time? When in doubt, opt for all weather.

Don’t forget to grab a new pair for shoveling the driveway before the first snowfall hits!


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