Best Winter Bedding For The Whole Family

Winter Bedding the Whole Family Will Love

With warm blankets, tried-and-true sweaters, and hot cups of coffee or tea, there is no denying that winter is the coziest season of them all. It’s a season meant for bundling, which is made evident by all of the winter layers and winter accessories that are prevalent throughout December, January, February, and March.

The layers are prevalent in more than outdoor social situations, too. In the wintertime, beds get a makeover, too, with the addition of layers and warmer blankets to make the bed warm enough to keep a winter’s chill out. There are many ways to utilize winter bedding to create a warm and cozy space for you, your partner, your kids, and any house guests. Here are some ways to create a bed meant for keeping you and your family warm on a cold night.

A Warm Comforter

The first step in getting your family’s beds winter-ready is by adding high-quality comforters to their bedding when the first cold winter — or even fall — day hits. Our winter comforters are filled with goose feathers (for down comforters), or for those who are allergic to the feathers, comforters are filled with equally warm synthetic microfiber.

Both options are great for the whole family, and the preference is really personal. Comforters are a very warm alternative to the quilt that has likely covered your bed throughout the spring and summer. To make the comforter personalized for each member of your family, you can choose from our selection of duvet covers , which come in colors like blue, red, grey, and white, in addition to floral and flannel prints.

Flannel Sheets

Nothing says warm and toasty more than flannel sheets , and, at Lands’ End, we have a variety of Supima cotton flannel sheets for everyone in the family. You can choose from solid colors like navy blue and white, or go for something in a printed pattern like leaves and an embroidered dog print.

Our flannel sheets come in all different sizes, too, so you can get them for your kid’s twin bed or your California king bed. A bonus: Flannel sheets are ideal for cold weather but can even be kept on your family’s beds into the warmer weather months to help combat any chilly early spring nights.

Faux Fur Accessories

An overstuffed faux fur pillow is the perfect item to truly create a winterized bed. Opt for a faux fur throw pillow in a natural shade and place a few at the top of your bed, your child’s bed, or the guest room bed. These pillows are easy to cozy up with before bed and can even be lounged on throughout the daytime hours too.

Beyond faux fur pillows, faux fur throws are another super-cozy item that will make all beds ready for the coldest winter days. The addition of this natural-looking fabric, one that is synonymous with winter, will create a bed that is intentionally ready for winter.

Just by looking at these cozy faux fur items, you’re bound to feel an instant sense of warmth. Plus, their super-soft nature will have you looking forward to bedtime all day long.

Fleece Blankets

On an unexpectedly cold night, there is nothing better than reaching for an extra blanket that’s draped at the end of your bed. This is where soft and warm fleece blankets come in handy. Adults and kids both love having a go-to fleece blanket for cold nights and even for chilly days spent curled up reading in bed.

Our fleece blankets are pill-resistant and are known to be velvety soft. They also come in a range of colors that go with any bedspread and even come in a variety of kid-focused printed designs like rainbows and tie-dye. A fleece blanket is a winter bedding essential that is easy to grab for the coldest winter nights and can also be kept in storage baskets for nights when you don’t need to bundle.

There are many ways to create the ultimate warm and winterized bed for every member of your family. By layering warm winter bedding (ideally in their favorite colors and designs), you can create a winter bedding style that’s unique to them while, most importantly, keeping them bundled and warm throughout snowy nights and zero-degree days. A winter bed is different than a summer one because of the layers, the heavier fabrics, and the items that are quintessentially winter. It’s important to switch these items out when winter arrives to make sure all members of your home are as cozy as can be.

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