4 Best Coats to Go With Your Wedding Attire

4 Best Coats to Go With Your Wedding Attire

Any season has the potential to be wedding season. Whether you’re feeling those spring vibes or expect a slew of winter invites to flood your mailbox, it’s best to be prepared with the right type of outerwear for the occasion. A coat makes the perfect finishing touch when it’s breezy or downright cold and you need something to stave away the chill. Fortunately, there are countless styles available that beautifully complement women’s dresses of all kinds, whether you’re the bride, a family member, or a guest.

As you consider your outfit ideas, never discount the importance of a high-quality coat. You can check the coat as soon as you arrive instead of worrying about holding onto it throughout the event, so don’t let issues like volume and thickness deter you. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind for the big day — whether it’s your own or someone else’s.

Try an Embellished Coat

The average winter coat is destined to keep you warm, but may not be the first item you think about when you plan your wedding outfit. Selecting one that’s just a little bit dressier is all you need to do to make a big change for the occasion. For example, a sleek wool coat with a bejeweled collar transforms the entire look in an instant — all without sacrificing the necessary warmth that you need to feel comfortable.

A little glitz somewhere on the coat also brings your outfit together perfectly. Take your cue from another element of your look — say, the glitzy rhinestones on your heels — and choose a coat that features matching embellishments. At the very least, make sure that the coat’s color coordinates with the rest of your outfit. A neutral tone is always a reliable choice, but for a fall or winter wedding, a jewel tone or a more neutral gray may complement what you wear best.

Wear Some Sleek Wool

Few garments are as classic and reliable as women’s wool coats. They exude class, grace, and beauty, and they look incredible with everything from special occasion attire to jeans and knee-high boots. You can never go wrong, especially when you need something that you can wear throughout the season without fail.

Wool coats are available in a wide variety of colors, making it simple for you to select one that pairs best with your wedding outfit. Whether you’re the bride or a guest, you’ll love the way that it helps you to stay warm while you’re en route to the venue. If you’re wearing a relatively neutral color, consider dressing it up with some sort of accessory — a sparkling brooch, for example, to help you feel even more glamorous on this already special day.

Throw on a Vest

Women’s winter vests and weddings are hardly synonymous with one another, but there’s something to be said for wearing a more relaxed topper when you’re attending a ceremony that’s decidedly on the casual side. Not all weddings are the same, after all — some are far more understated, some are more rustic, and some are downright low-key.

If the ceremony you’re attending falls into the latter camp, then by all means feel free to throw on a vest over your dress. For the sake of the occasion, you can opt for a dressier style — say, one made with faux fur or one with some type of elegant accent. This idea naturally works best if your dress has long sleeves, or if you’re attending a spring or fall wedding on a cool but not necessarily blustery day.

Rock Your Comfy Raincoat

A women’s raincoat… to a wedding? You absolutely can pull it off if you choose the right type of coat. This isn’t the time to throw on the same coat that you grab on your way out the door to pick up the kids or as you’re making a last-minute run to the grocery store. Think sleek, think refined, and think streamlined. In other words, think polished. Some raincoats are considerably more appropriate for special occasions like these than others. Look for dressy colors, like platinum or gold, along with a belt at the waist that helps contribute to a more defined look from top to toe. Just avoid the belt if you’re wearing a floaty dress, or you risk creating unsightly creases.

Once you’ve got the right dress, you can easily decide on the right coat for the wedding day festivities. Whether you’re a guest, a family member, or the bride, you’ve got options — lots of them. Make the most of those choices to help you find the most appropriate style for this unforgettable day.


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