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What Are the Best Ways to Wear a Mock Turtleneck?

A mock turtleneck is an interesting piece of clothing that lies somewhere between a regular turtleneck and a typical shirt. It can be worn in any season, as its shorter "mock" neck doesn't make you look like you're bundling up for a blizzard. Whether you choose a traditional cotton mock turtleneck, a sweater with a mock turtleneck or a silk shirt with a mock turtleneck, there are lots of stylish options sporting this neckline. But what are the best ways to wear this trend? Here are a few examples.

Layer Away

How you layer a mock turtleneck will depend on the season, as well as the sleeve length. For example, a long-sleeve mock turtleneck will keep you cozy under a sweater but might make you pass out if you wear the combo during the summer months. In contrast, a short-sleeve mock turtleneck can be worn under a women's cardigan sweater or a button-down women's flannel shirt any time of year. Just tie whatever you're wearing over the mock turtleneck around your waist when you get too warm.

Take Sleeves out of the Equation

Show off those arms with a sleeveless mock turtleneck. The look works because the fabric covers your whole front side but offers just enough contrast with the bare-skinned arms. Adding some shiny bangles to your wrists will give a bit of pop to the outfit. If you're going to show those arms, also think about how much of your legs are going to show. Wearing pants can give a nice contrast, but wearing a short skirt with a cute pair of booties can give it a sassier, sexier look.

Material Matters

The fabric your mock turtleneck is made of can make all the difference in how it looks and how it feels. For example, cashmere is the crème de la crème of wintertime fabrics, and a women's cashmere turtleneck with a mock neck screams coziness and also looks a little more "extra" than a simple cotton mock turtleneck. In contrast, a silk or satin mock turtleneck can add a bit of shimmer to the look, taking the turtleneck from simple to stunning.

Bottoms Up

Practically any type of bottom works with a mock turtleneck. However, remember that opposites attract, so don't be afraid to wear something like a suede skirt or leather pants with a simple cotton mock turtleneck. Or try a pair of skinny jeans with a chunky mock turtleneck sweater. A flowy long dress looks great with a short-sleeve, form-fitting mock turtleneck as well.

Go Against the Grain

In fashion, rules tend to come and go. For example, the whole "Don't wear white after Labor Day" rule is generally abided by when it comes to shoes, but you can't say a cute pair of fluffy white boots isn't appropriate in the wintertime. Some rules are meant to be broken. If you dare, consider wearing a mock turtleneck under a summer maxi dress for a look that's acceptable year-round. Or wear a baggy mock turtleneck sweater over a pair of short shorts when the temperatures drop during those summer nights. Don't let the word, "turtleneck," make you think it has to be worn in the colder seasons.

Mock Turtlenecks May Need Accessories

With a mock turtleneck or any type of turtleneck for that matter, you might want to add some accessories to your outfit. Just because your décolletage isn't showing doesn't mean you can't wear a necklace; in fact, it means you probably should, since there's room to accessorize that area when you wear a mock turtleneck. Try a pair of dangly earrings or chunky hoops in place of, or in addition to, the necklace. If tucked into pants or jeans, a nice belt helps as well.

Take It to Bed!

Imagine a cold winter night when you don't want any part of your body exposed from underneath the sheets. A mock turtleneck pajama top is great because it doesn't suffocate you or keep you too warm like a regular turtleneck would, yet it covers you just enough to protect your neckline from drafts.

Turtlenecks have long been associated with a sense of modesty, which makes them a unique piece of clothing. There is an air of sophistication associated with turtlenecks and their shorter mock counterparts, possibly due to the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Steve Jobs, who both considered them wardrobe staples. Whichever way you wear your mock turtleneck, do it with that same sense of confidence, and you'll look great.


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