Best Warm Outfits for Cold Lazy Sundays

Best Warm Outfits for Cold Lazy Sundays

It doesn’t get much better than a lazy Sunday, especially when it's cold outside. The colder and harsher the weather, the cozier it feels to be indoors. Plus, when you look outside and instantly say “nope,” you can really lean into staying inside without any pressures to run errands. That feeling of having absolutely nothing to do aside from enjoying a movie marathon, binging your favorite new show, or curling up with your favorite book and a cup of tea is unbeatable.

Since these days tend to be rare gems in our otherwise super busy schedules, it’s important we get them right when they come around. From queuing up the best movies or planning your optimal snacks or takeout choices, you’ll want to set yourself up for success when you wake up on one of these cozy days. That’s where lazy Sunday attire comes in. Your cold-weather lazy Sunday outfit should be as comfy as possible and should keep you warm without causing you to overheat since you’ll likely want to wrap under a pile of blankets to maximize the vibe. Read on for five of the best outfits you can wear to ensure you’re nailing the whole chilly lazy Sunday thing.

A Waffle Hoodie and Jersey Cotton Joggers

There are a few cold-weather loungewear essentials that everyone should have in their closet. This first outfit idea takes two of these staples and pairs them together to create a peak comfy look that’s also oh-so-cute. A women's sweatshirt and a pair of women's joggers are an ideal combination for a chilly, lazy Sunday. Opt for a lightweight, pullover waffle-textured hoodie with rib-knit cuffs and side vents. You can wear this as your top or layer it over a T-shirt depending on what you find most comfortable.

Pair your waffle hoodie with fleece joggers with rib-knit ankle cuffs for a loungewear look that’s flattering and easy. It will keep you comfy without causing you to overheat if you decide to become one with your coziest throw blanket.

A Long Sleeve T-Shirt and Stretchy Leggings

This next outfit is as perfect for cozying up by the fire as it is for doing some midday stretches between episodes of your favorite show. Rock cotton or cotton-blend long-sleeve T-shirts in a relaxed fit with a simple crew neckline and a pair of stretchy spandex leggings for a comfortable loungewear vibe.

You can opt for a more lightweight pair of leggings or go with something that features added warmth, like a fleece-lined pair, depending on what’ll make you comfier. After all, the ultimate goal of a cold, lazy Sunday is to be as comfy as possible!

A Cute and Comfy Pajama Set

This wouldn’t be a list of warm lazy Sunday outfits without the mention of cute, comfy pajamas. There’s something about cute PJs that elevates the pajama-wearing experience, which is something that doesn’t even feel possible because it’s already so good! This is also the ideal option if you truly can’t be bothered to change into something else at all. It is a lazy Sunday, after all!

Opt for a cute yet cozy set like a teal plaid flannel top with matching bottoms or a brushed-back jersey set in a fun print like ditsy floral.

A Lounge Dress and Slipper Socks

Spending your lazy Sunday in a cozy lounge dress is also a winning idea. That’s because lounge dresses provide all the comforts of your favorite oversized T-shirt or that one nightgown you’ve had forever (but with some added style points). And speaking of style, you’ll want to choose a lounge dress that makes sense for a chilly day, so go for a long-sleeved flannel option or a long-sleeved Supima cotton lounge dress that falls to midcalf.

While you can add a pair of slippers or slipper socks to any of these lazy Sunday looks, it’ll be especially necessary with a lounge dress since more of your leg will be exposed, so you’ll definitely want the added warmth around your feet. Try pairing your lounge dress with a set of faux shearling-lined slipper socks for an outfit that’s absolutely perfect for lazing around the house.

With any of these outfits, you’ll be ready to get cozy and relax as the temperature drops outside. May your chilly days be full of nothing but comfy digs, blanket forts, and warm fuzzy vibes!


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