The Best Unisex Uniforms to Streamline Your Summer Camp

Getting kids ready to go to summer camp involves to-dos and lists. From water bottles and sunscreen to all the clothes that keep them comfy, you have a lot to manage. Why not make one decision easier by choosing unisex uniforms to streamline your summer camp?

Why Unisex Uniforms?

Unisex clothes have several advantages for summer camps. First, they are easy and comfy to wear—unisex clothes aren’t conforming in their fit, which makes them perfect for hiking, playing games, or hanging out by the campfire. Second, unisex clothes “level the playing field” by giving everyone a similar look (while still allowing for a little individuality).

It takes some of the name recognition and styles that accompany more gendered or designer clothes out of the mix so the kids can concentrate on just having fun. You don’t want them wearing super expensive clothes to a camp anyway—that’s just asking for rips and stains. Third, unisex clothes make getting ready for either day camp in the morning or packing for an overnight camp simple. Everything goes with everything else, so you can just pull out a top and a bottom, and you’re on your way.


If you are looking at kids’ tops and tees, you are on the right track. The T-shirt is the most versatile camping top. It will give them a bit of protection from the sun while being easy and breezy to wear. Consider cotton for its natural coolness and breathability or a synthetic fabric known for its wicking ability—if campers don’t get sweaty, they’re not having enough fun!

Because “unisex” is a term that refers to garments that can typically be worn by both males and females without making a gendered fashion statement, neutrals and primary colors are great choices. Bright T-shirts can also help campers be spotted from a distance, which is helpful.


Kids’ shorts in denim or khaki can be great for a unisex wardrobe for camp. Unless they are camping in the mountains or an unusually cool climate, you will want to have them in shorts instead of long pants or skirts. Shorts are also better than skirts for camp because you can do things like climb in them without worrying about staying covered.

By sticking with neutral shorts, you will accomplish a few things. First, there is no way they can create an outfit that is a fashion nightmare by pairing neutral shorts with a T-shirt! Second, this will add to the minimalist, unisex look of their attire. Third, unless the shorts get dirty on a given day (which may well happen!), they can be worn a second day with a different top to keep packing and laundry to a minimum.


Did someone say “sneakers”? Unless they need full-on hiking boots for the type of camping they will be doing, kids’ sneakers will be their go-to footwear. The right sneakers will give them traction for running and playing, support those growing feet, and keep them comfy all day long.

A word about cleaning sneakers: camp is messy. If it weren’t messy, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Black sneakers are not only a good unisex choice, but they will also clean up easier. White or colored sneakers are fun, but unless they only get the soles muddy, chances are you will end up working much harder to get them back into shape once camp is done. Of course, if a pair of sturdy sneakers end up stained from camp, they can also make great “camp shoes” or “outdoor shoes” going forward.


If camp includes swimming, you’ll want swimsuits and beach towels, and perhaps water shoes. Also, consider an oversized men’s T-shirt or rash guard for some extra sun protection. Just make sure that whatever your kids will be swimming in provides ease of movement for safety and gives them enough coverage to be comfy and appropriate for the occasion. Unisex swimsuits typically avoid bikinis, halter tops, and ruffles—this makes them better for swimming and playing in any way.


It would be a rare camp that doesn’t experience a little rain unless you are in a decidedly dry climate. Tucking a kids’ rain jacket into their backpack or duffle can make the difference between a fun day that may include stomping in puddles and just a rainy day. Whether it’s for the day or a couple of weeks, once they are there, you’ll want them to have everything they might need. Consider rain boots, too! If it’s been a few years since you were a child, it’s easy to forget how delightful splishing and splashing can be.

Get your kids ready for a fun and easy summer camp with unisex uniforms!


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