Jeans Everyone Needs When They Travel

Jeans Everyone Needs When They Travel

Women’s jeans are a staple travel wardrobe item. It doesn’t matter if you like to escape the winter or head on a European adventure, every traveler needs the perfect pair of jeans. The best jeans for travel don’t lose their shape and can be worn multiple times for added versatility.

Your Coveted Pair of Jeans

Like how a child loves their favorite stuffed animal, your favorite pair of jeans have to go with you everywhere. These jeans are a must-have wardrobe item that works well for travel, no matter what. You can wear them for days on end and not get uncomfortable. If you don’t have a favorite pair of jeans, select a style that best suits your body type.

Curvy fit jeans accentuate your curves while keeping you feeling your best. Skinny jeans work great for athletic bodies or women with long legs. Boot cuts are a classic look that looks great on anyone. Try to select jeans that are durable and don’t have too much spandex. You want the jeans to last for multiple days without a wash and not wear out or sag.

Stay Cozy with Jeggings

For those that like the look and feel of athleisure, you’ve got to travel with jeggings. Jeggings offer the comfort of leggings along with the fashion of jeans. Select jeggings with a wide waistband so your waste doesn’t pinch or cinch on long plane rides.

Jeggings also work well in warmer-weather climates where you don’t want a dense pant. If you want to snuggle up in the cold, go for a pair of fleece-lined jeggings. For the perfect travel outfit, wear a cozy sweater on top to balance the look. Jeggings work well with a baggier top to balance the skintight look on the bottom. You can wear flats or ankle boots to round out the look for a cute style that isn’t just on-point, but cozy, too.

Diversify your Look

Bringing along more than one pair of jeans enables you to dress your look up or down. Go for a trendy set of ripped jeans in warmer environments as well as some dark denim that you can easily turn into a fancier get up. Darker colors allow you to wear jeans without looking as casual, which is great for a versatile travel wardrobe. Don’t be shy when it comes to styling jeans. Almost anything goes with jeans and with a little creativity you can create a versatile look by mixing and matching your favorite wardrobe items.

Get on Trend

Jean trends this season create a range of styles for any fashion-forward traveler. High rise jeans are a real hit right now. Show off your hips by tucking in your shirt or wearing a shorter length shirt.

Wide-legged flared jeans are bringing the '70s back. Couple these with retro chunky-heeled boots and a long, flowy jacket. Ripped jeans are also here to stay and come in a variety of cuts and styles for any body type. Keep your look on top either casual (think plaid shirt) or fancy (like a sequined sweater) to equalize the look. If you’re headed to the city, show off your fashion sense with a trend-setting jean outfit that will make heads turn.

Color Your Jeans

For the ultimate jean lover, having jeans in every color is the ultimate dream. Say goodbye to other types of pants and simply travel with your jeans. Women’s black jeans are a great staple travel wardrobe item. You can dress them up or down and the darker, neutral color goes with virtually anything. You can get as fun or as subdued as your style warrants when it comes to colored jeans. For those looking to add some spunk to their travel attire, wear jeans with a printed pattern, such as moody florals. Use bright colors with neutral tones to create an eye-catching look that’s both en vogue and fun. Alternatively, you can get jeans in staple, everyday colors like grey, green, and even tan. Select jeans for travel that go with what you already have on hand, so you’ll get more use out of your denim when you’re back at home.

Jeans are a must-have item in any travel wardrobe. They are a durable pant that won’t lose their shape. Since there are so many different ways to style denim, you’ll love the diversity of looks you can create with just a single pair of jeans. The next time you travel, pack your favorite jeans in a variety of styles and colors to create an endless array of fashion-forward travel looks you’ll love.


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