4 Best Backpacks for Traveling

4 Best Backpacks for Traveling

You have your pick when it comes to selecting a great travel bag. There are duffels, weekenders, and suitcases galore. In some cases, however, a travel backpack is the most appropriate option. They come in especially useful if you want to scale back the amount that you carry and only take the bare minimum. At the same time, there are surprisingly roomy styles available, too, so you aren’t limited to bringing along just because you choose to carry a backpack.

The right style for traveling offers a few distinct advantages over standard models you may have carried in school or on campus. They’re strong to a fault, providing maximum protection from heavy-duty wear and tear. They’re designed to hold up well through all kinds of activities, whether they’re being shuttled through the security line at the airport or hoisted from trail to trail as you hike your way through your dream destination. Whatever your adventure brings, the right style can make all the difference to your comfort. Here are four to keep in mind.

Rolling Backpack

There are few bags as practical as rolling backpacks. If you plan to fill your bag as much as possible, a rolling style will be much easier and more comfortable to carry. That’s particularly true if you’re headed to the airport, where negotiating crowds and walking to your gate can feel like an eternity when there’s a hefty bag strapped to your body.

The beauty of the rolling model is that it glides smoothly and easily on the ground. You can push it in front of you or pull it behind you, easily navigating your way to your destination without a hitch. They’re just as functional as standard styles, with all of the pockets and compartments you need to remain organized while you’re on the road, plus plenty of interior space to keep everything within reach.

Laptop Backpack

Whether you’re traveling for business or just don’t want to be without your laptop or tablet, a tech bag is the perfect solution for your needs. They’re designed to keep your valuable devices safe while in transit thanks to padded compartments that prevent jostling back and forth.

More than just convenient for your devices, these backpacks are designed with your organization in mind. When you’re on the road, there’s nothing more important — especially if you need to keep everything in one place while you’re in a business meeting or meeting with clients. Spare a section for important documents and supplies and another for your personal belongings.

Kids’ Backpack

Little ones require bags that are especially sturdy and comfortable. Fortunately, the modern-day kids’ backpack is designed with enhanced features that not only prioritize their comfort but also make it easier to pack everything. Kids may be a little overeager as they toss toy after toy in their bag — and with the right backpack, they can squeeze in a few extras that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

Bottom compartments provide separation for items like shoes and swimwear, while adjustable chest straps allow for more secure wear while they’re walking through the airport or the train station. Features like water bottle holders and exterior pockets offer greater convenience, while reflective trim helps them stay a little more secure. It’s all about ease, and these styles make life easier for both kids and their parents.

Monogrammed Backpack

A little bit of style never hurts, either. If you love the idea of stashing everything inside a duffel or a weekender but don’t love the way that they add bulk to your travel outfit, consider a fashionable monogrammed backpack instead. Available in a wide range of styles, these bags range from bright and colorful to sleek and sophisticated. Whatever you choose, you’ll love the way it allows you to express yourself — with a customized finishing touch to complete it.

If you prefer a style that you can carry when you’re traveling and beyond, consider a waxed canvas style. It offers an earthy, natural sort of appearance that’s perfect for hiking, taking to work, and everything in between. The addition of your initials adds a flattering finishing touch that transforms the bag and lends it a classy appeal. Or opt for a bag in a neutral tone that you can easily match with everything in your closet.

Traveling is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming to pack all of your belongings when you don’t have enough space. With the right backpacks for both yourself and the kids, you’ll have an easier time bringing along everything that you need — plus a few extras. Look for features that benefit you, like padded spaces or shoe compartments, to ensure that everything you need to bring along has its own rightful place.


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