What Tops Are Best for Working at Home

What Tops Are Best for Working at Home

Whether working from home is already your jam or you are one of the many feeling the pressure to begin working at home, you may be looking for some clues on what this now means for your office attire. For many, the idea of working at home can be both exciting and intimidating. Can I efficiently separate my work from home life? What about the kids? Am I fated to exist in pajamas from here on out? Should I still do my hair? All of these are big questions for first-time work-at-home employees. These questions may even still be relevant for veteran home workers.

Working at home requires you to discover your own personal rhythm and style. Some of us may prefer to roll straight out of bed and to our desks, and others prefer to establish more boundaries between personal and work life. If this is you, then perhaps you would work more effectively if you set up a special space for your office or a space designated solely for work. Depending on your work style, you may prefer to work at home in flannel pajamas over getting ready the same ways you would prepare to work at the office. Regardless of your at-home work habits, we laid out a selection of the best tops to wear while working at home.

Blouses and Button-Ups

Many of us who work at home have to take meetings over video calls via the internet. As much as we’d love to keep our hair curlers in and show up for our remote meetings in our pajamas, the reality is we don’t want our coworkers to see us like this, even if we’re all working from home. If we’re just dressing up for video chats, it’s best to spend some time and attention making ourselves look work appropriate from the waist up. And this includes what top to wear. For ladies, the best thing to wear is a women’s blouse. Not only are blouses easy to quickly throw on, but from the perspective of your coworkers, you will still look professional and put together, even if your blouse is wrinkled or you’re wearing pajama pants.

For men, we recommend the same. Run your fingers through your hair and throw on a button-up men’s dress shirt. Even if you are sitting in just your boxers, you will still look the part and feel comfortable taking your online video call. If you don’t have to show up for a video call, but still like to feel dressed to impress, a women’s blouse or men’s button-up is the easiest way to go.

Your Favorite T-Shirt

Perhaps you’re the roll out of bed and into your desk chair type. With no pressure from video conference calls and your entire wardrobe at your fingertips, why not just wear your favorite T-shirt? Sometimes it’s nice to get dressed up, even if we are working at home, but sometimes it’s also great just to rock your favorite T-shirt to work today. Make it fun and wear your favorite Disney princess or comic book hero on the job, no one will ever know! The perks of your favorite T-shirt is that you can be completely relaxed and comfortable while working, which will help keep some of the pressures of working more manageable. You’re wearing a Superman shirt, after all.


Keep cozy, comfortable, and business casual with the perfect sweater. Sweaters of all kinds are an easy way to tick all the boxes. Whether you fall into the roll out of bed to your desk style of home worker or you have to show up for a video conference call, sweaters are versatile for both. For the ladies, simply throw on your favorite chunky turtleneck for a feeling like you’re snuggled up on the couch, even though you’re getting your work done. To feel a little more dressed up, pull out your favorite women’s cashmere sweater.

No one can argue about the luxurious lightness, warmth, and comfort that cashmere offers. Even if you have no plans to leave the house, wearing cashmere will leave you feeling comfortable and glamorous. The same goes for men. Wear your favorite at-home sweater or give your work-from-home look an upgrade with some delicious cashmere. Either way, wearing a sweater while working from home will keep you comfortable and professional-looking for video conferences, and will also ensure you stay warm throughout the day.

Deciding what to wear while working at home shouldn’t be as complicated as deciding what to wear before going into the office. Just ensure you’re comfortable and feel confident, and if you have any video calls, make sure you’re also presentable.

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