Best Tops for Women Who Are DD and Above

Best Tops for Women Who Are DD and Above

The search for the perfect top ends here. For women with cup sizes that are DD and above, finding a bra that comfortably supports you under any shirt is your first step. From there, it's all about you. What kind of necklines you like, what occasion you're shopping for, and which outfits you want to try out. Thicker fabrics like denim, heavier cotton, and wool offer more support and are less likely to pull, but materials like silk also fit and flow gracefully around you. Start to play with shapes and proportions. Just because your friend has a large bust and says a specific top or style didn't work for her doesn't mean it'll fall on your body the same way. With the right know-how, you have the key to sophisticated style and all the glamour that goes with it.

Best Tops for Work

While button-up shirts are great professional wear, women of all bra sizes unite in that one little sticking point: The gap around the chest buttons. If you love a specific top and feel like you're in between sizes, consider buying a size up and tailoring it to fit you perfectly. There's no feeling more grown-up and luxurious than knowing your clothes are made especially for you. A button-up works for office suit sets and an open-front blazer, but can also transition to casual wear with a pair of fashion leggings or a midi skirt.

There are so many ways to shake up your office outfits, so don't rely on the button up alone. Women's tunic tops are a great option, as they offer plenty of room and lengthen your torso. Try to minimize distracting details like embellishments or cutouts when dressing for the office, and let your outfit speak for itself. Tunics are also extremely versatile, pairing beautifully with anything from leggings to dress pants.

For Day Wear

Depending on your comfort level and personal style, you can really start to play with necklines. A fitted top with a scoop neckline will highlight your shoulders and collarbone, which draws attention to your face. Paired with anything from jeans to an a-line skirt, a scoop neckline top is an effortless choice for a beautiful day. The sweetheart is a vintage-inspired neckline that really helps to frame your figure in the most flattering and flirty way. Another option is a V-neck with a few buttons at the top, which you can adjust according to your comfort level and where you're headed.

A wrap top is an elegant and easygoing top for your next brunch date or window shopping with the girls. Find options that actually wrap, instead of those that just give the illusion of a wrap. That way, you have full control over the fit and how it falls on you. Look for silky materials that smooth over you for that feeling of daring delight. Wear your wrap top with a straight leg jean to create a balanced look. Grab your favorite wristlet or purse and head out knowing that you'll be feeling confident all day long.

For a Night Out

If you're going out for a night of dancing, women's tank tops with thicker straps will drape effortlessly over your shoulders. Outfits for a night out are great invitations to play with V-necks, but if you want a bit of a modest touch you can layer a camisole underneath. That way you get the hint of d├ęcolletage without actually showing any cleavage. Another option is to bring a wrap or shawl with you for some added elegance that also gives you full control over what you do and don't show off from moment to moment.

If you're more of a woodsy gal and need something warm for a night by the campfire, a fleece zip-up offers a ton of stretch and support. The added benefit of a zippered top is that you can adjust the fit as needed, without worrying that a button will come loose. All that combines to provide you with freedom of movement and the confidence to clink your drinks, whether you're opting for smoky cocktails or steamy hot chocolate. Fleece tops work great with anything from jeggings to corduroy pants, but if you want to add a little extra spark, try pairing yours with a knee-length skirt and patterned tights.

If there's one thing that's for certain, it's that any top is the perfect top for you if you love the way you look in it. Choose tops that flatter your figure and highlight the parts of you that you love the most. You can always opt for a quick visit to the tailor if you want to ensure that your clothes are made to fit you like a dream.


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