4  Best Things to Bring to the Beach

4 Best Things to Bring to the Beach

Summer is just around the corner, and the commencement of springtime means that you have to start preparing for some fun in the sun! One of the best ways to assure that you, your family, and your friends will have a fantastic beach day is by knowing exactly what you’re going to need for your day by the sea. Here are the four best things to take with you in your beach bag this summer.

1 - Large Beach Towels

Choosing the best beach towel is crucial to having an enjoyable beach experience. You want something substantial; a flimsy or fraying bath towel won't do.

A beach towel made with thicker and heavier material, such as one made of cotton terry, will provide you superb cushioning for your time spent basking in those sun rays and maximum absorption for toweling off after a swim. It will also be less likely to get lifted up or strewn about in that sea breeze while you are sunbathing. Choose an extra-large towel to create some sand-free play areas for the kids, or a little social lounge right on the sand.

A soft but durable throw blanket is also a great option for spreading out over the sand and beach-lounging. A reliable beach towel will be your best companion this summer so that you can have the most comfortable day of soaking up the sun.

2 - Hydrating drinks — and Lots of Them

Having fun in the sun can make the hours of the day fly by — and that’s why it is so important to remember to hydrate! Packing an insulated lunch box filled with refreshing beverages and/or a large thermos to keep cold water in can extend the time you are able to spend chilling on the coast. Fresh juices or electrolyte drinks, kept cold by a nice insulated tote bag or cooler, can give you the great taste and hydration you need in between building sandcastles, catching some waves, or avoiding any work at all aside from working on your tan.

But remember — no one wants to see a bunch of trash washing up while they’re strolling down the shore, and you can be part of the solution by taking an eco-friendly approach to your beach time. Bring along some cute reusable water bottles or tumblers, instead of piling up any plastic trash.

3 - Shade

A big beach umbrella is a necessity for a successful seaside celebration. Not only will having a beautiful umbrella make your beach set up stand out in the sand, but having an umbrella can keep your belongings protected from the sun, keep that cooler cool for even longer, and offer you a break from the heat whenever you need. If carrying an umbrella with your supplies seems like too much of a hassle, choosing a wide-brimmed sun hat can still protect yourself from taking on too much sun. It’s also a great option for keeping your face protected even if you’re wading in the water. So if you want to be a little shady on your beach day, your head and shoulders will thank you. Don’t forget your sunglasses of course as well.

4 - Sunscreen

Once you start spending time out by the sea, you will quickly learn that SPF needs to be your new BFF. That warm sun may feel great for the moment, and everyone loves that initial after-sun glow, but your skin will thank you for giving it the protection that it deserves. Rashguards are also great for protecting your skin from those sunrays, especially for kids who might not want to stand still for long enough to be fully lathered with sunscreen.

Of course, do not forget your hats and umbrellas for extra protection, too. You want to stay cool and covered as much as you can while out by the sea. And while there are some sunscreens that are great for us and our skin, it’s important to note that not all of them are great for the ocean. There are many sunscreens that are made with harmful chemicals, and it’s crucial to check out that ingredients list when browsing for some new bottles. Mineral-based sunscreen will give you and your family the best protection, and help to keep our beautiful beaches healthy. Just remember to reapply!

These are the top four basic items we recommend for a perfect day at the beach, but remember that everyone’s beach day will look a little different, so pack for yourself and your beach crew. Are you going to a beach with cafes and vendors nearby? If not, make sure to pack some snacks. Are you staying very close to the shore, or do you have to drive a distance to get home at the end of the day? You might want to consider bringing an extra dry outfit for the ride home. Whatever your beach day looks like, stay safe and have fun in the sun.


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