Best Thanksgiving Gifts for the Host

Give Thanks to your Generous Host

Who doesn't love Thanksgiving dinner? It's all about reciprocity and celebrating the bounty of fall. Beautiful squashes and pumpkins may be on the dining room table, with nutritious root vegetables and protein of choice — traditional turkey or tofu turkey — with sides like sweet cranberry sauce, stuffing, and gravy. Whatever Thanksgiving Day meal looks like, the day is full of fantastic food and happy people.

There's a lot of work hosting any event, let alone the most dish-heavy event of the year. It doesn't hurt to show your appreciation to your lovely host. Giving thanks to your host is part of the tradition — and it can seal the deal for an invite to the next Thanksgiving dinner.

We have a few gift ideas to get your creative gears turning. You want something that isn't over the top but is something the host would find helpful or valuable. The good thing about whoever the hosts are is they care about you because they invited you into their home, so they will be happy with your presence, no matter what present you bring. As the saying goes, try to leave a place better than you found it, and perhaps the same can be said of gifts. If you can think of something that will make your host's life easier or fill some need they have, all the better.

Contribute to Their Home

Folks hosting often have most bases covered regarding kitchen and home supplies. But if you have been to their house recently and noticed a kitchen item that might be useful, that can be a thoughtful gift. If the host seems more of a minimalist, a gift that won't stick around too long might be an excellent way to go. For example, a natural item like a bouquet or a centerpiece for the table will be beautiful for a short period and provide joy, but it won't take up space in your host's home longer.

A tasty edible gift may be suitable if you're looking for a gift that won't stick around. An assortment of cheeses and fancy crackers can be a great offering, or a high-quality fudge can be a delicious offering; just be cautious of allergies.

Along the lines of making their home better, if you think you have a good feel for your host's interior decorating taste, purchasing a piece of home décor can make for an excellent thank-you gift. Not only will your host gain a new decorative item for their home, but they'll have a reminder of the fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner for years to come.

You can't underestimate the power of well-selected candles as a thank-you gift for many occasions, Thanksgiving included. The good thing about candles is that they can be lit with different intentions to accentuate a space's mood. Choose from the MERSEA candle line and select from scents like orange blossom, coconut sugar and Moroccan mint, to name a few. The Sullivans layered brick wax candle is a beautiful amber color; the wax itself is unscented, smokeless and can burn for 100 hours. This large candle makes the perfect centerpiece for your host's kitchen table.

Heart-Warming Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving marks the start of freezing weather in many places, which brings us to our next gift idea — throw blankets. Our large selection of blankets will have colors and materials that suit your host. We recommend our new channel stick faux fur throw blanket, which comes in dark wintery colors like brown and black. The ultra-soft fabric of this faux fur front and micro mink backing makes it the perfect couch companion, especially as the days get longer and darker. The generously sized chenille throw blanket is another top-tier gift idea, and it comes in stunning colors like evening blue, soft iris purple, Irish coffee and more.

Many of our blankets, such as the corduroy throw blanket, can be made to be personalized gifts with our monogram option to make it even more special for your host. Add letters, initials, or text, or add an embroidery design or both!

If the host has a furry friend in the home, yet another exciting gift idea would have to be our dog coats. Dog lovers will be happy to receive one of our adorable dog coats. If your host has a barn coat, you can get their pup a matching barn coat. Our doggie version, which comes in forest moss and rich burgundy, is made of water-resistant and wind-proof canvas rain jacket material and lined with brushed cotton twill. It's perfect for long walks in late fall and winter. Many of our doggie coats are personalizable! Have your host's dog's name embroidered — your host will be tickled pink by your thoughtful gift.

You can't go wrong with these gift ideas for your Thanksgiving host.


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