Best Styles to Wear at the Beach for Tall Women

Styles to Wear at the Beach That Complement You if You're Tall

There are many great pieces of beachwear attire that are ideal for tall women. There are even swimsuits and cover-ups made especially for tall women in tall-specific sizes and lengths that are flattering and a perfect fit. If you've ever found yourself wondering what kind of style is best for tall women, look no further.

Here are some beach day styles that complement tall women.

A Tall-Sized Swimsuit

This may go without saying, but tall-sized swimsuits are the best way to make sure your swimsuit is made for your taller frame. Tall swimsuits come in many different styles: tummy control swimsuits, V-neck swimsuits, tankinis, rash guards, and more, and are also available in all different prints and colors. Choose from all of the prints that other sized swimsuits come in: floral prints, color block styles, striped swimsuits, cheetah print, and more.

While it may not feel important to shop for tall-sized clothing for all styles, it’s very important when it comes to bathing suits. Why? Plus, most regular-length one-piece swimsuits aren’t long enough for a tall woman’s torso, making it even more important to get a tall swimsuit.

A Black Swimsuit

A black swimsuit looks good on everyone, tall women included. Black swimsuits in any style—one-piece, tankini, or bikini—are a great look to try this summer. Dark swimsuits are also slimming, so the style is that much more complementary. Just remember that black attracts the sun’s rays, so be sure to pack a beach hat and sunblock in your beach bags —you don’t want to get too hot or sunburnt.

A One-Shoulder Swimsuit

One-shoulder swimsuit styles look great on tall women, the angled look along the neckline perfectly compliments a tall frame while creating some unexpected detailing for the wearer. One-shoulder swimsuits are usually one-pieces, which make this look even more flattering on tall ladies—the style will show off your height and flaunt your torso.

One-shoulder swimsuits show a little skin but keep most of your body tucked away, so you can easily swim with the waves or try out stand-up paddleboarding while in this suit.

A Flowy Beach Cover-up

Beach cover-ups are known to be flowy and, well, long. Too long for many shorter people to wear without cutting off a few inches—but, long, flowy beach cover-ups are the perfect length for tall women. Show off your height by throwing on a bright, breezy beach coverup over your bathing suit after a swim. You can even shop beach cover-ups made especially for tall ladies—at Lands’ End, we have a collection of women’s tall cover-ups.

You can wear this layered outfit while lounging in your beach chair, on a beach walk, or even during lunch or dinner in town. Get yourself a few different beach cover-ups to wear throughout the season, they come in all different prints and styles that are sure to be flattering on tall ladies.

Flat Sandals

High-heeled shoes and sand just do not go together. And while tall women should always feel empowered to wear high heels that accentuate their height, the beach is a place for flat sandals or rubber flip flops. For your upcoming beach trip, plan to wear comfortable, flat sandals throughout the day. If you feel inclined to throw on a pair of heels, be sure to do so after you’re done with the sand portion of your beach day. Wear your heels to dinner, not on the beach.

Finally, Get Beachwear That Fits

It’s no secret that tall women need specially designed styles to ensure pants are long enough, tops are long enough, and sleeves are long enough, too. When shopping for swimsuits and beach attire for the summer, it's very important that you shop styles created specifically for tall women, when possible. You don't want to be stuck in a too-short swimsuit on a beach day or a cover-up that barely covers your bottom.

Instead, opt for a tall-sized swimsuit, cover-up, or beach-ready tall maxi dresses that are made to fit your frame.

Being tall at the beach has its perks. You can walk out further into the ocean than most people and are likely pretty good at beach volleyball. With the proper items—tall-sized swimsuits and cover-ups, to be exact—you can be all set for a beach day in flattering beach attire. Start your summer swimsuit shopping early so you have plenty of time to find the perfect look for you.


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