Best Swimwear to Pack for a Week at the Shore

Best Swimwear to Pack for a Week at the Shore

Now that your flight is booked and the big picture of your trip is set in stone, it's time to work on the fine details. If your vacation is centered around the water, you can expect many photo ops as you go sailing, snorkeling, or simply lounging by the shore. Needless to say, you're going to wear more than one swimsuit on your vacation.

This is an exciting prospect because you can mix and match swim separates and experiment with new styles that you've always wanted to try. So how do you make sure your swimwear lasts a week without you becoming bored with your collection? Here are some of the best swimwear styles to pack for a week at the shore.

Cute Coverage

Just like every season has its mood, each day has its own agenda and feel. While you might want to party on the first day of your vacation, you might feel relaxed and introverted on the next. Your swimsuit preferences can ebb and flow like this as well.

On one day, you might want something super flirty like a triangle bikini top with a high- cut bottom, but then the next day you might want something with more coverage like tankini tops and some swim shorts. Having swim separates that offer different levels of coverage make it easy to pick the right swimsuit for your mood every day.

Keep Your Options Open

When it comes to versatility, having many swimsuit separates is key. Not only do you have plenty of styles to choose from, but you can still have more than one alternative if another swimsuit set is drying off. When you enjoy a waterfront destination, there will be times when you take breaks and get into regular clothing to go to a restaurant or simply take a nap. However, you might still want to go back and enjoy the water later on the same day. Putting on a wet swimsuit is not the most comfortable experience, so having a dry set or two on hand is a wonderful way to streamline your vacation and keep the fun going without any inconveniences.

All the Frills

When you start shopping for swim separates, there are so many cute choices that it may be hard to decide on your favorite. The good news is that if you're spending a week by the water, you don't need to weed out anything you may not “need." You have so many chances to change your outfit and explore different swimsuit styles. If you see something that you like, just take it with you. For instance, if you've never truly indulged in frills or floral prints, now is the time.

Integrating something whimsical and cute like a swim skirt into your swimsuit ensemble is a great mood booster. Ruffles, wrapped bodices, and blouson silhouettes add a dreamy aspect to your swimsuits in an iconic way. Combine that with ditsy florals or some hibiscus prints and you have the ultimate swimsuit indulgence.

Best of Both Worlds

If you want to keep your day as open as possible, it's important to bring something that you can instantly wear off the shore. While regular dresses are made of cotton or other materials that can become heavy when wet and take a long time to dry, beach cover-ups are made of materials that quickly dry in the wind and sun. On top of that, they offer full coverage and look just like a dress that you would wear at a restaurant or a bar. There are many styles to choose from that will make sure that you can enter any establishment that says “shirt and shoes required."

The Classic

In the office at cocktail parties, you can always count on the little black dress to keep you stylish and trendy. But when you're at the shore, a timeless one-piece swimsuit is all you need to look evergreen in your photos even 10 years from now.

One-piece swimsuits can be as flirty or conservative as you want them to be, which is convenient if you plan on changing your social landscape during your vacation. For example, you may attend a family-friendly pool event during the day but then have a chance to wear something more revealing at another event. for the family-friendly event, you could simply wear a one-piece swim dress. Then, you can freely show off your high-cut scoop neck one-piece swimsuit later in the day.

The best swimwear for you will make you feel great and give you plenty of options without stopping any of the fun. We hope that these swimwear ideas will kick-start your imagination and help you fill your suitcase with the best styles of the season.


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